House H'zebi

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House Hzebi
House Hzebi Flag.png
House Information
Patriarch Prard`aga Rono
Speaker Syberjedi
Motto "The Vanguard of Tradition"
Historical information
Date of Establishment Year 21 Day 291




Founded as a Ruling House during the Grand Syndic [Thresk]'s Nuz Bazan Reforms, the House elected [Retan Coda] as its first Aristocra. Coda defined the House as the defenders of Chiss Tradition and Heritage during a time of great change for the Chiss Ascendancy. The House's more traditionalist outlook made it acceptable to citizens but also unappealing to others.

Rise of Rono

After Prard`aga Rono resigned as Syndic of Defense, he was offered a place within the House. Dagaro's leadership of the House came at a time when the Ruling Houses were discussing and debating the role of the Houses within the Ascendancy.

After Grand Syndic Thresk dissolved the Council of Fanmilies, the House had to decide on its future. A rename of the House was briefly considered, but it was decided that the House would retain the name for purposes of continuity.

The House would also ratify new House Bylaws which both codified some of their existing policies, but also maintained the Nuz Bazan policy of an elected House Leader. The new bylaws also offered a contained a rarity in galactic history: term limits. Based on the principle that authority without accountability is tyranny, the total amount of time the Patriarch(the older title of Patriarch was restored following the Bylaws being ratified) could serve was now fixed at five years.

House Bylaws

Article I) Constitutionality

1) Nothing in this code shall supersede the Chiss Ascendancy Constitution

2) House Decrees are issued by the Patriarch and are enforceable upon House Members

Article II) House Membership and Removal

1) Membership in House Hzebi is by Invite Only

2) Non-Chiss shall not be invited into House Hzebi

3) House Members that have been exiled shall lose their House Membership

4) A House member may only be expelled on majority vote of all Houses members above them in rank.

5) A Vote of No Confidence may be called upon the Patriarch by the call of two members of rank Trial Born or greater. In this event, a new election for the Patriarchy is conducted as per Article V.

6) Members are free to leave the House if they so choose, in accordance with Freedom of Association.

7) Merit Adoptives may leave to join another House as long as the Patriarch is notified.

8) Trial Born and above must receive approval to join another House or risk violating Merit of Power.

Article III) House Titles and Awards

1) No Titles shall be recognized beyond the official House Titles

2) Merit Adoptives are new members of the House.

3) Trial Born are those who have passed one of the House Trials. There must be 1 Trial Born in House Hzebi at all times to assist in developing and improving House Trials as per Article IV.

4) Blood Born are those eligible to run as Patriarch. If no Blood Born are available, then all Trial Born vote and elect at least one to elevate to Blood Born.

4a) Blood Born may be sub divided into Blood(Sibling, Parent or Child), Cousin(same grandparent) and Ranking Distant(great grandparent or greater).

5) The Speaker is the Regent and Second in Command of the House, as per the Chiss Constitution. The Speaker serves at the pleasure of the Patriarch but may also be dismissed via a Vote of No Confidence.

Article IV) House Trials

1) House Hzebi shall elevate those to Trial Born according to the Trial of Blood or the Trial of Wisdom.

2) The Trial of Blood will be engagement in combat which is deemed to give great glory to the House in specific and the Chiss Ascendancy in general.

3) The Trial of Wisdom is the performance of a task which improves the broader knowledge of Chiss culture and history in regards to tradition.

Article V) Patriarch Election

1) Each election shall consist of at least two candidates

2) Votes shall be conducted via open declaration

3) The candidate with the most votes wins

4) No Patriarch may serve more than five consecutive terms, each term consisting of no greater than a Galactic Standard year.

5) Elections shall be overseen by the Speaker and conducted during the annual Chiss Freedom Festival