House Sabosen

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House Sabosen
"Bringing Life, Justice, and Knowledge"
Historical Information
EstablishedCirca 5000 BCGT
General information
Current headAristocra Tant`yle Ersin
AffiliationChiss Ascendancy
HolositeChiss Ascendancy Holosite


A quote from a high ranking member of the House.

~"House Sabosen is responsible for maintaining order in the Ascendancy.We do this by keeping the people healthy, educated, and safe.

House Sabosen is a tradition oriented House, and does not accept non-chiss.

House Sabosen's responsibilities are Education,Healthcare, and Justice.

EDUCATION:We provide all instructors and instruction materials to the people.

HEALTHCARE:We provide medical care for every citizen of the Ascendancy

JUSTICE:Through the Judicial circuit, we ensure that the laws of the Ascendancy are followed and the guilty are punished.

As with all Chiss Houses , we are led by an Aristocra and the family members are protected by the Household Phalanx"



House Sabosen came to power during the Pre-Ascendancy History of the Chiss. As one of the families that survived Csilla's Ice Age, they eventually organized into Tribes or ""Houses", lead by a "Ruling Family"(one family that ruled over all other families in the tribe).They controlled territory on pre-Ascendancy Csilla. They were engaged in near constant conflict but also worked to build a wealth of knowledge that would allow them to survive. House Sabosen became known for their skill as doctors, educators, and legal scholars. By about 5000 BCGT, a planet-wide resource shortage crisis forced the Houses to negotiate a treaty for the sharing of resources. It was House Sabosen that wrote the final draft of the treaty that united the Chiss People under one banner: The Chiss Ascendancy

Return of the Aristocra

Little is known of the years after the fall of the Ascendancy. Reports claimed that some shadow children(hidden heirs of Chiss Houses) survived the Chiss Civil Dispute. This was proven when the Chiss Society welcomed Carn`ilo` Sabosen into its ranks. Sabosen advocated transforming the Society into a new Ascendancy. His dedication to this task led him to be branded as a "radical". His ethical flexibility(other accounts say self-interest) in pursuit of the revival of the Ascendancy caused him to be involved in several intrigues, the last of which was a plot to assassinate Flar Gar, then owner of Chiss Material Extractions.

Carn`ilo` Sabosen was discovered and confessed to the plot. The Council of CME decided he posed too much of a security risk(as he had CME shares and capital that CME claimed belonged to them) and voted to execute him on Day 109 of Year 12.

As House Sabosen had been the focal point of the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, which was becoming more traditionalist in principle even before Carn`ilo` Sabosen's death. Commander of the Sabosen Household Phalanx Rachel Keiko-sho was appointed as temporary leader of House Sabosen while a new heir was located. During this time, she ably kept the CAIE together and organized the broadcast reply to the GNS broadcast made by Chiss Material Extractions(which had renamed itself to The Chiss Ascendancy shortly after executing Carn`ilo` Sabosen.)

Next of Kin

It was during this time that a new heir was found. Drak`ora Sabosen was named Aristocra without delay and began to announce a new program:the "Zolidar Reforms".The policies were based on a reverence for traditional chiss values and institutions, that included an aspect of pragmatism. His first policy was to withdraw the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile from the Council of Native Races, which had come to be seen as an anti-human terrorist group.

His efforts to encourage the CAIE were not always successful. A broadcast made on the Chiss Holonet nullifying the Non Agression and Non Preemptive Strike Agreement signed by Carn`ilo` Sabosen outraged The Chiss Ascendancy.Its leader, Lord Flar Gar send a terse message to Drak`ora Sabosen's employer the Corporate Alliance, reminding CA that it was an ally of the Rogue Squadron Government. The message also declared that the CIS that it considered the statement to be a provocation of war and was prepared to declare war on the Corporate Alliance and the CIS.After negotiation caused the threat of war to be averted, Gar approached the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile with the offer of a negotiated acknowledgement of goodwill. Not necessarily a Non Aggression pact, but it came to be known as the Agreement of Civility, this eventually led to the merger of the two groups.

Separation and Unification

Chafing under the restrictions of the terms of the Agreement of Civility(The Chiss Ascendancy refused to call it a treaty), Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen announced that the former CAiE members would create their own company. House Sabosen needed a project to bind the community in the meantime.

House Sabosen allied with House Nakesh in a call for Chiss Unification. The result was the Chiss Parliament. House Sabosen upped the ante by issuing a call for elections to a new body within the Chiss Parliament, the Chiss Senate. The Senate debates and elections acted as a nonviolent outlet for frustrations between various interests, but soon the limitations began to show. It was decided that a corporate venture was the best way to direct the energy and financial capital of the Chiss Community.

Then the Progressives announced that they were renaming their mining company, which House Sabosen saw as the final victory in the year long information war they had been waging.

Elections were suspended until a new project, called the Chiss Convention was completed.

A House Reduced

Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen named Pravus Malum as his heir. This proclamation was the second such attempt after his son (Jos`olu` Sabosen) had been a disappointment. Sabosen also welcomed Rawth Shacklefist back into the House, naming his a trial born.

After Drak`ora Sabosen's assassination, Pravus became the new Aristocra Sabosen.

Malum's short term ended when he revealed that he had become infected by the metamorphosis plague and was no longer a Chiss, which meant that the new Aristocra was Rawth Shacklefist. The Council of Families immediately recognized Rawth as the new Aristocra Sabosen.

A House Restored

Rawth invited Tant`yle Ersin into House Sabosen and named him as Blood-Born. Following Rawth's retirement from Chiss affairs, the Judicial Circuit recognized Tant`yle Ersin as Aristocra. The new Aristocra has made the revitalization of House Sabosen his goal.