House Thridius

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House Thridius
House Information
Owner Zalabar Hithro & Raan Avidius
Capital Classified
Affiliations Confederacy of Independent Systems Neutral
Historical information
Date of Establishment Unknown


House Thridius has over the course of a millennial following a pattern that if not broken would have thrown it into a catalyst of destruction. Over the past few years House Thridius has managed to thrive on profits from one of its surviving subsidiaries, Avidius Shipyards; as the small group expanded its network of business, a rising Star, Zalabar Hithro rose to prominence within the CIS, as leadership began to fall into the hands of Hithro, the Avidius side of the House backed Raan Avidius, a young Baron & current CEO of Avidius Shipyards. The two were, after a few months of political battles, named the dual leaders of the House.

Expansion & Evolution

House Thridius quickly began to spread its influence within several factions, ranging from the Hapes Consortium, CIS, & several other smaller groups; however as the spread of Thridius influence grew with larger groups, smaller ones such as The Pentastar Alignment, & its subsidiaries saw a drop of military & infrastructure support as the members withdrew from the factions.