Hovstad Stockmann

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Hovstad Stockmann
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Died Year 5 Day 288[1]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Green skin
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (Years 4-5)
Rank 2nd Lieutenant[2]
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation (Year 4)

Hovstad Stockmann was a Gamorrean male. Despite the usual intellectual shortcomings of his porcine species, Stockmann was one of the few aliens to rise to the officer ranks in the humanocentric Galactic Empire.[2] In late Year 5, Stockmann was murdered by Camaris sa Vinitta, the future Dark Prince of the Black Sun crime syndicate.[1]


Circa Year 4, Stockmann was a naturalized citizen of King Eldrik Kuraine's Falleen Federation and served in the Space Support Fleet in which capacity he flew a battered Y-Wing starfighter. Near the end of that same year, approximately Year 4 Day 273, Stockmann participated in the theft and seizure of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Shadowstone by the Falleen kingdom. During the chaos and confusion of the latter battle, Stockmann abruptly defected from Kuraine's Falleen forces to Greyson Uebles' Galactic Empire. His defection became a public relations coup for the Empire but did little to offset their immense loss of prestige caused by the Shadowstone's theft.

Now a Gamorrean stormtrooper in the Imperial Army, Stockmann played an instrumental role in retrieving a stolen Imperial Space Station in the Kuat sector from a Sullustan brigand known as Bawkneira.[3] At the time, Emperor Uebles decided that he did not wish to engage in outright theft and instructed Stockmann to quietly purchase the space station from Bawkneira. However, after Warlord Vodo Bonias assumed leadership of the Galactic Empire circa Year 5 Day 159,[4] Bonias reversed Uebles' decision and decided to steal the station after all. When Bawkneira failed to send first, Vodo ordered Stockmann's friend and colleague Bren Morgarr to act as a corrupt middleman under pain of death should he refuse. Morgarr complied but suffered considerable loss to his trading reputation which led to his resignation from the Empire.[3]

After stealing the space station from Bawkneira at the behest of Emperor Bonias, Stockmann was soon embroiled in yet another scandal. On Year 5 Day 172, Director Rune Tao of the Endeavor Corporation publicly condemned Stockmann for attempting to suborn employees within his company and to pilfer intelligence related to system scans.[5] Allegedly, Stockmann was acting as an Imperial agent charged with obtaining reconnaissance scans of hostile systems by any means possible.[5] Tao's publication denunciation further damaged Stockmann's reputation and led to a series of bounties placed upon him. To counteract this negative tide of publicity, Emperor Bonias publicly promoted Stockmann to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.[2]

Ultimately, Stockmann's various trade infractions led to unwanted attention by bounty hunters. Circa Year 5 Day 288, Dark Vengeance — a shadowy brotherhood of assassins led by Xanathar Branwen and Camaris sa Vinitta — reportedly cornered and murdered Stockmann.[1] His obese corpse, alongside a second unidentified murder victim, was later discovered aboard a deserted YT-510 freighter.[1] It has been posited that Stockmann may have invited Branwen and sa Vinitta aboard his YT-510 with the intention of capturing them but, due to poor planning on his part, the ambush went awry and the duo instead murdered him as well as his companion.[6]