Iego (System)

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Iego System.png
General information
Sector Ash Worlds
Galactic Coordinates (412, 227)
Date of Discovery Year 14 Day 124
Planets 1
Suns 0
Moons 11
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 1
Population 16,950,376
Controlled By Black Sun
Astrographic Entry Iego

The Iego system is located among the Ash Worlds sector at the far western reaches of the known galaxy. The system is predominantly known for its moons, and the inhabitants thereof. The Diathim, or Angels, reside primarily on the moon of Millius Prime, one of the main orbiting satellites of the planet Iego.


Jormungand Gand originally discovered the system on Year 14 Day 117, where he quickly registered claims for the entirety of the system in the name of Black Sun. After securing the system, many of the moons became private homes for the Vigos of Black Sun, and Iego works as the central government for the system.

Millius Prime has been declared a neutral zone for the foreseeable future, where currently anyone is allowed to come and go to visit the enigmatic creatures known as the angels.


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Iego (16, 11) hot/breathable 12,12 11,489,486 Black Sun


Moon Position Size Population Control
Iego Moon Ring A (6, 5) 2,2 1,231,631 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring B (9, 9) 2,2 8,474,810 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring C (14, 9) 2,2 0 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring D (12, 14) 3,3 170,489 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring E (16, 15) 4,4 139,175 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring F (12, 6) 2,2 46,152 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring G (17, 7) 3,3 98,528 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring H (18, 13) 2,2 46,152 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring I (19, 9) 2,2 212,133 Black Sun
Iego Moon Ring J (13, 11) 3,3 88,080 Black Sun
Millius Prime (15, 13) 4,4 0 None


Station Type Position
Iego Research Complex R&D IV (16, 11)