Imperial Navy Fleet CO Evaluation

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The below document is the aggregation of an evaluation exercise performed under Grand Admiral Veynom leadership of the Imperial Navy around Year 0 Day 330.

Each eveluation is composed of 3 parts:

  1. The Chain of command with the Fleet XO, CO and his superior;
  2. The evaluation of the XO by the CO;
  3. A few comments from the CO about his relations with his superior (generally not from the Imperial Navy).

Evaluations of all Fleet COs & XOs of the Navy

  • Evaluations of the COs are made by GA Veynom.
  • Evaluations of the XOs are made by their CO.
  • Evaluations of the Moffs are made by the local Fleet CO.


Report to: Emperor Piett and GA Veynom CO: Capt Durmin - Very Good CO XO: Lt-Cmdr Vistate

History: To my memory, Vistate was assigned to ICF shortly before Targeter took leave. After Ratman took over as CO, and I was XO, we were both disappointed in the fact that we did not know his plans or suggestions until a decision had already been made; he went over Ratman's head without letting either of us know. He shortly after left for another assignment. After Ratman took leave, Emperor Piett personally requested Vistate as the XO of ICF. he returned as a Lt. Cmdr. and assumed the position of XO.

Current Evaluation: Vistate is very active, and I am sure, very loyal to the Empire. A great asset. He has provided the Empire with a IRC room, and has attempted to organize fleet-wide, and Empire-wide chat sessions and/or roleplaying sessions.

That said, here are my personal opinions. I beleive he is overly-ambitious, and sometimes acts without my approval. He sometimes forgets that I am the CO and not himself. Other than this, I feel he is a great XO. I get the feeling, however, that the men to not like or respect Vistate. Sometimes I beleive he may be to harsh and to quick to criticise over minute things. I also beleive there is some resentment between him and some of the veterans. After a short time in the Empire, Vistate took over as XO of one of ICF. Many of the older members may feel that the position should have gone to Corwin, or Xilan, who had the experience of managing crew members, the rank, and the time already served.


CO: GA Veynom XO: Capt Mereel Satisfying XO. If only he could be more regular ...

1st Fleet

Report to: GM Mordo CO: Lt-Cmdr Kole - seems very promising, more than Angusson was. XO: to be determined

Strangely, since she was promoted as CO, GM mordo has become more active ...

4th Fleet

Report to: GM Ptjedi CO: Lt-Cmdr Nugehan - recent Fleet CO, much better than retreated Captain Kerr. XO: Lt Thrawn24

My XO - Lt Thrawn - He is the true example of an XO. He helps in everything, is always interested in what's going on, and as good relations with the hole fleet. I have nothing bad to report about him.

Relations with GM Ptjedi - We have a good working relation, improved by the fact of being friends, in Real life. I have no complains, and I do believe he hasn't either. He also agrees that we have a good work relationship.

5th Fleet

Report to: Moff Darth__Vader CO: Cmdr Quaxo (soon Captain) - 1 of the best COs XO: Lt Uebles - 1 of the best XOs Very good team.

My XO, Lt Count Uebles, is the best men I've ever had under my command. It will be an incomparable Fleet CO, if I may say so, though I prefer he still works with me of course. He is always proposing new projects, and making them reality. His dedication is an example. His activity is incredible. When I ask for something I know I will have some ideas or, in the worst case, at least one mail back in a few hours. I can't be more explicit about him.

About Moff Vader, he showed more activity at the begining. I know he is now very busy in real life. He directed the Kriegspiel test we had in August (Approximately Year 0 Day 252), but I've been told he did not show much experience and we have decided to let another one direct the next. Anyway he stopped sending results and discontinued the Kriegspiel test after the first round. We should now be very dimplomatic to let him know Vendrella and/or me are going to direct the next one...

6th Fleet

Under provisor direct command of Moff O'Dwyer Good Moff there (dixit Veynom).

7th Fleet

Report to Moff Corranboat CO: Cmdr Peich - as good as Quaxo XO: Lt Death Lord - excellent XO This is a very good team, used to work together since 1 year.

About my XO, Lt Death Lord: He is very active (even when he was at hospital). He's allways available. Actually, his duties are maintain active our fleet. Also, he's our assignment officer. Now, he's going to command a KS. He's doing a great work, if you need a new fleet CO, don't forgive him.

About Moff Corran Boat: Well, i have little contact with him. I send him my reports, and he mail me always if he had any question. Sometimes, i don't know if he's active... I always copy him all fleet emails, but as he never commented me it, i suppose he had no questions.

8th Fleet

Report to Moff Darkjedi CO: Cmdr Dark Trooper - has become as good as Peich and Quaxo XO: Lt. Arkady Alekseyev

Lieutenant Arkady Alekseyev is a very great officer, he has even the potential as a Fleet CO, but the only thing he lacks is the ability to be online at the right times. His real life is much to busy to have the requirements for a true Fleet CO, but he has the amount of time for an XO. He has great mails to me, all of which are punctuated and capitalized properly (something I look for in XOs), and they tell things with very nice explanations. The only thing is (I told him about this) that he says "Sorry" too much, which is a lesson I learned from you. I plan to teach him most things you have taught me before, including that one. His loyalty is not questionable, he's a true Imperial Officer. His behavior is very sensible. He's almost my double, an exact copy... just a few things need to be taught.

Moff Darkjedi *Evaluation with Relations*: What can I say? I send him a mail each week but I haven't talked to him in at least 6 months. I have no relation with him, except he is my Moff.

Comments from Veynom: Despite the total lack of support of his Moff, Cmdr D. Trooper has learned alone to be a very good Fleet CO, his promotion as Commander was really deserved. The arrival of an efficient Moff would be the best reward fro him. Also, if the Emperor could personaly send him a word (or a LOC), that would have an excellent effect. he will be promoted as Captain before X-mas.

9th Fleet

Report to Moff Callahn CO: Lt-Cmdr Don Juan - Current worst CO. XO: Ens Kaninen - Just designed.

Don Juan has asked yesterday (Year 0 Day 331) to be transfered to the Naval Reserve. His XO seems very promising to replace her. Moff Callahn is not an active Moff ..... she answers when we ask for but never shows any initiative.

11th Fleet

Report to: Moff Tj CO: Cmdr Huzz Lord - very good, just promoted as Cmdr. XO: Lt Samurai

My XO, Lt. Samurai, is the very best person in my fleet. He is almost always online and is always ready to help. If you ask him to do something he always does it as soon as possible. He is friendly, likes to help other people and also does stuff on his one even when you don't ask him to. We also talk a lot about the fleet and try to work together to make it better. I think we seem to work as a very good team. In short he is the best Xo I could ever ask for.

My relations with Moff Tj are quite good. We often chat together on the weekends when he is not busy. We sometimes even play Quake 2 against each other. He is very helpful and quite undersatnding. He is also near the same age as me so we can relate to the same kind of subjects. I would say that my relations with Moff Tj are quite good.

12th Fleet - most recent fleet

Report to: GM Mccarthur CO: Lt Boba Fetto XO: none

A recent Fleet CO, his fleet has only 2 members so far and Mccarthur should support him more. He seems promisfull anyway.

I can't say I saw or heard many activities from him ...

13th Fleet

Directly commanded by GM Black Lodge for now. Nothing to say, he is one of the best GM we have.

3rd Recon

CO: F-Adm Simms - excellent charismatic and efficient Fleet CO and XO of the Navy XO: Lt-Cmdr Opey Ryac

Lt. Cmdr Ryac: I have absolutely no problems with this Officer, he has been with me for a very long time ( since I was CO of the Alpha squad. aboard the ISD Majestic in the days of the SWSIM) He is a role model of an excellent Imperial Officer. Does his XO duties admirably in the 3rd Recon. I see this Officer with yet another promotion very soon. VERY ACTIVE, respond time: within 24 hours.