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Aurelius Reicheart was a Corelian scientist in advanced medical technologies as well as aspiring force user who eventually dwelled into the dark arts of the force. Although he only discovered that he was a force sensitive late in his life, it still didn’t save him from developing a deadly genetic disease after an accident in the lab where he worked. He came into a direct contact with Neuro-Decay gas during an experiment of developing counter measures to it as there were none. Usually victims of the gas died immediately upon contact or were paralyzed and died slowly as skin and organs literally turned into the mush as bounds between organic tissues dissolved.

Project IRIS

This changed him both on mental and physical stage, as his skin started to fall off, he became obsessed with eternal life, and as such he founded a think-tank called ARES with a single objective – to experiment with ways to cheat death no matter what were the consequences. Soon after ARES started working on Project IRIS, with end goal of the project was the creation of the human-android hybrid, which would enable humans to continue to live after their natural bodies had died in mechanical bodies. The project began with Aurelius Reicheart as a test subject, who already spent all his time in the bacta tank. Through some trial and error he was successfully transformed into a cybernetic organism, his skeleton replaced with a hyper-alloy replica while still retaining key biological components such as the brain, organs, and eyes. His outer skin was replaced with a synthetic one that bleed and was warm. The end result was a stronger, faster, and more resilient vessel in which he could survive beyond death.


There was celebration and handshaking as project proved to be successful, as initial monitoring showed that the Aurelius brain in the new body showed clear signs of normal activity. Recovery was planned to be 4 months with follow up 8 months of recuperation. Unknown to them Aurelius Reicheart was already awake with his mind going haywire unable to cooperate with the reality of being half-machine half-human. He was soon consumed by feral rage and in it he murdered his colleges and friends when they were celebrating the achievement. Drenched in blood, he soon realized what he had done and was able to gain some conscious control. He left the facility and boarded a shuttle for the Outer Rim sectors.

Self discovery

Aurelius Reicheart soon discovered that if he would not sustain his dark hunger for death, he would go feral consumed by emotions of the Dark Side, which he had no control of. It took him 4 homicides and couple nominations of most wanted in 8 different planetary governments before he realized this. He started it with only couple of victims a year, but then he increased it to couple of victims per month, as with each life extinguished before him he become more and more hungry for death as it made him start to feel emotions other than rage. Like with all drugs, his habits became uncontrollable that culminated in eventual demise.


Local planetary governments in Outer Rim, had hired bounty hunters in hunting down the ‘’Sickle butcher’’ as Aurelius was called. They tracked him down to a quiet town that was situated only couple of minutes away from the latest victim place. Bounty hunters knew from the stories that the dreaded ‘’Sickle butcher’’ hunted in night and usually sentients who lingered on streets at late hours, so they divided in groups and set themselves as baits to draw out Aurelius. It took 5 days and victim before he attacked one of the bounty hunters, at first bounty hunters didn’t know what to make of the Aurelius, as they had gotten contract for killing – a human, not a metallic monstrosity that presented itself to them. Even all the reports and video feeds showed the butcher as a human male in a coat, but Aurelius Reicheart had fallen so far that he had clawed off his synthetic skin, thinking that it belonged to one of his victims. Even with all the super-human augmentation, Aurelius was beaten down by the shear firepower that opened from all the ambush positions that were set up before.

It is said that even with his body being filled with literal holes he still was charging towards the bounty hunters with a sick smile on his grin shouting ‘’It is only beginning’’. The remains of the Aurelius were collected by one of the mercenaries in the bounty hunter outfit and only some have resurfaced in some markets simply as curiosities many years later.

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Skull of Aurelius Reicheart

Skull of Aurelius Reicheart
Type Augmented skull

Skull of Aurelius Reicheart is one of the remaining augmented body parts of the Aurelius Reicheart that has survived. While still being in bad condition, the skull presents some curiosity as it was a vessel for a mind that was torn between two states of being part of the machine and human, as well as influenced by the Dark side of the force.

The skull is currently in the posession of Black Sun Underlord, Alexander von Ismay.