Ivy Jade

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Ivy Jade
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corinth
Mother Rose Jade
Father Seth Jade
Spouse Unknown
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Awards Battle Effiency Award

Ivy Jade was an elite Imperial Naval officer who started as simple recruit inside the Imperial Navy. Rumors pretend she once was an Emperor's Hand but despite some evident strong relations with high ranked Naval Officers, nothing could ever be proven.


Early life

Born on the planet Corinth in the Septron system, Ivy was the youngest daughter of Seth and Rose Jade. Her father Seth was a commander in the Imperial Navy and had served most of his time away from her home, seeing them only briefly from the holo-phone when he called to check on them once or twice every few months. Her mother was a courtier and had raised her daughters to follow in her footsteps and become hand women to the wealthy Imperial men of their planet. Ivy on many occasions had gone to balls and dinners with her mother, finding herself in the watchful eye of many young men there, but she was not the only girl in the family and was often turned away in turn for her older sister Mara. Mara was as beautiful but not half as cunning as Ivy and had managed to become quite successful in her work, she became the Emperor's Hand when he came to Corinth on a mission seeking out the last of the Jedi. Ivy had been deeply jealous of Mara for quite sometime but soon lost her anger for her when she left Corinth with the Emperor. After Mara left, Ivy was left to care for her mother and did so for several years after until Corinth was attacked by a band of unknown reptilian warriors.

Battle on Corinth

The battle on Corinth was a very drastic one. Homes were ransacked and burned to the ground, women and children were taken away by the ship load and many died when they refused to leave their homes. Ivy's mother was one of them. She had pledged her love for her family and home and swore she would never leave them under the force of the reptiles. The creatures had come to her home late one evening and Ivy had watched in horror as her mother was shot dead by a one of the creatures. Terrified and angered Ivy emerged from her room and grabbing a knife from the kitchen table, proceeded in killing the two reptiles whom had killed her mother. After the event Ivy fled into the forests of Corinth and disappeared... no one heard from Ivy until ten years after the battle.

The Lost Years

For those past ten years Ivy had hidden herself away in the deep expanses of the Corinth forests. Training herself in the art of the dagger and the skills of the blaster. Learning from what her father had told her of his skills and from those who wandered into her camp mistakenly, only to their detriment. Ivy emerged from the forest only upon hearing of her father's death, in battle against the Rebellion and her sisters death on Coruscant. When she emerged from hiding no one knew who she was, no one knew of her past, and no one knew of her future. Now a trained warrior (skilled in the dagger and with a blaster) and a woman of great mystery and beauty, Ivy Jade had returned. After leaving Corinth Ivy left for a new place. Now twenty-one years of age, she was known to only those she had allowed to live and feared by many others, Ivy Jade was back.

Off Planet

After scavenging the remains of her home, Ivy managed to get to the dockyards of Corinth and after persuading the dock owner she managed to buy her own ship, with her mother's savings. The ship is an elegant fighter craft, so named "Poisons Dart." Ivy's first destination was the planet Yavin VI. She had heard of a small faction of people who had escaped during the Corinth battle and had set up there. When she arrived, a local man told her of a base on one of the moons and Ivy set out soon after for it.

When she arrived she did indeed find the base and proceeded to the local tavern to meet the locals. Upon arriving the first being to speak to her was the bartender, a smooth and dashing man. Seeming to be in his early twenties with short dark hair and piercing eyes. Ivy walked over to the bar and sat down on one of the free stools. She ordered Rum and coke, the only drink she had ever seen her father drink and thus followed in suit to him. Ivy soon took a liking to the drink though and now orders it whenever she goes to the tavern. The Bartender never took his eyes off Ivy as he went about preparing the drink. Ivy could not help but be astounded as she watched him, reminding her very much of the bartender from Cocktail as he tossed about the bottles and glass effortlessly. After serving Ivy her drink the young man introduced himself as Ronin Greeg.

The two talked on into the evening, just as though they had been friends since childhood. Ronin told Ivy of his skills in technology and of his even greater skill with a blaster. Ivy had never met a more mysterious and striking man as Ronin and she soon found herself returning to the tavern every night, just to see him. One night when she stopped in as usual, there was a group of men there whom Ivy had never seen before. Ronin had warned Ivy of the troops and had told her to stay away from them if she could. Ivy agreed and took a seat at the bar, ordering the usual and occasionally pausing from her drink to glance cautiously towards the men. At one point in the evening one of the men approached Ivy. He told her of the glorious life she could have if she joined his side, and of the power he held among his men, but to no avail. Ivy had no intention of ever joining the trooper and so told him this. The man however became angered and grabbed Ivy around the waist, forcing a knife to her throat. Ivy, now very angry and determined to be rid of the vermin behind her, quickly un-sheathed her dagger from her wrist holster and thrust it backward into his chest. The man stumbled a moment and then fell to the ground, astounded at the move of his hostage, then died. His friends now very angry with this drew their blasters and began shooting at anyone in sight. A battle had begun. Ivy jumped over the bar easily and hid there a moment next to Ronin. "Do you always attract this much excitement?" Ronin jested as he drew his own blaster and took aim over the counter. He had been right when telling Ivy of his mastery of the weapon, for every bolt that left his blaster hit squarely into one of the troops who had caused the ruckus. "Well I suppose so." laughed Ivy as she watched the battle come to a stop.

Some time later, Ivy and Ronin traveled to a nearby system, for what Ronin had originally called a vacation. Later however Ivy found out the truth...the hard way. Upon reaching the planet she and Ronin headed out for the governmental palaces. Ronin had told Ivy to wait for him in the spacious lobby hall and so she did. Minutes later alarms began to wail and the lights went out, confused and disoriented Ivy headed towards the stair well, only to come under blaster fire, as Ronin ran down the steps, followed by palace guards. "May I ask what the intention of your visit really was?" yelled Ivy as Ronin grabbed her hand and they raced out of the lobby hall and across the palace yard. "Well, it's a long story, but I'll tell you it later..." he replied as they crossed the palace gates and jumped into a taxi and sped off. Later that evening Ronin told Ivy of the group he was a member of and how the whole trip had been arranged to infiltrate the palace and get information. Ivy, although slightly mad at Ronin for not telling her of this before, decided to join the band and from that point on was now posing as the wife of Ronin, to undergo secret infiltration and other jobs.

Imperial career

Ivy joined the Imperial Navy shortly before Year 0 when she came in contact with an officer of the Imperial Navy named Gunther von Esling. Ivy had liked Gunther since she first saw him, but not for his looks, but for his mind. He was a very cunning man and was very ingenious. He was a pilot and had his own fleet under the Imperial forces. Ivy set in well with her new friend and soon came to meet other Imperial men as well, eventually leading her to meet a certain Commodore Veynom. He as well as some of her other Imperial friends have since then persuaded her to join the 3rd Recon fleet where she served as Loki 5 under Lieutenant Ma'karr Quaxo.

Awards & Positions

Galactic Empire

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


GE reward BattleEfficiencyAward.gif

Battle Efficiency Award

Emperor Spytek

Year 1 Day 12

Award given to all members of the European Division

Notable Positions

Positions Held
Preceded By:
Loki 5 Squadron (3rd Recon & Strike Fleet)
Succeeded By: