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System Jabiim (System)
Sector Phelleem
Galactic Coordinates 350, 195
System Coordinates 8, 13
Rotational Period 36 standard hours
Orbital Period 688 local days
Astrographic Entry [1]
Type Planet
Primary Terrain: Jungles, Forests, Ocean, Glacier, Grass, Mountain, Swamp
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Shielded Partial
Governor Damyo Kruder
Magistrate Damyo Kruder
Population ~26,997,412

Jabiim (pronounced /dʒə'bi:m/) is the only planet in the system of the same name that could be construed as anything close to "comfortable" to live on. Its atmosphere is breathable, and it has many tropical forests, oceans, swamps and sweeping plains that are teeming with life. Jabiim has not seen much population in its long existence, though it was once a member of the Keldarn Federation. The Federation, as well as other groups, have tried to colonize Jabiim, but have not been met with much success, due to the frequency of which the planet was subjected to pirate attacks.

One such attack led to a major space battle, the outcome of which favored the pirate organization and led to Jabiim's current reputation as a "pirate haven." In recent years, Jabiim has seen major population growth, due in large part to a number of aspiring pirates who have traveled to the planet to be trained by the best and to compete for a coveted spot as a member of a crew.

The planet is known to be deluged by torrential rains and massive electrical storms experiencing less than five days per standard year without precipitation. During these storms it is possible for when the lightning strikes the mountain of Azzala to create the rare Jabiimite crystals.


Points of Interest

- The Majestic City of Jabiimi. The planet capital city and culture centre.
- The twin islands of Jobreth.
- Karunder Wildlife preserve.
- Azzala, the mountain of storms.