Jack Blanka

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Jack Blanka
Jack Example2.png
Biographical Information
Race Magatessan
Homeworld Magateso 1
Mother Mary Blanka, Deceased
Father Devon Blanka, Deceased
Spouse Shantel Blanka, Alyssa Blanka, Rachel Blanka, Meagan Blanka
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Data Unavailable
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83m
Coloring Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Sienar Technologies Crimson Veil The Commonality


Early Life

Jack was born to his parents Devon and Mary Blanka just prior to the so called jedi rebellion, on the planet of Magatesso 1 where his father started and operated a small production company. Jack's mother, Mary, was a member of the Royal Magatessan Blood line and an honored member of the Old Republic Naval Rescue Wing. but after marrying Jack's father, Devon she was disowned by her parents and considered a social outcast. Shortly after their secret marriage Jack was born. In the years that followed, Jack learned his fathers trade but also was trained by his mother to handle a blaster and many other combat necessary skills. During the "Jedi rebellion" Devon and Mary were killed while attempting to protect a group of jedi from the newly declared emperor's Storm Troopers. The troops overlooked the small boy and moved on after raising the homestead More to come

Years with Sienar


Months With CV

For a brief time Jack Served as commander of the Crimson Veil Navy. After being betrayed left for dead and branded a traitor Jack was arrested and held ransom for a crime that was never committed. The kidnapping was executed by Tola Velar and her accomplice Gideon Stargazer. After receiving a distress signal, Thylar Davarian agreed to negotiate Jack's release but at a high cost. Giving up everything he had and entering a servitude to Sienar Technologies Jack was released from Tola's holding.

Back To Sienar


Move To OR

""Think, your in a conglomerate that has everything but a med organization that could be wanted. Why the flip are you worrying about finding crap?" "I dunno?""
— Jack Blanka to Versio Kai discussing the reason behind looking for Raw Materials

After leaving Sienar Technologies around D1 Jack, looking for a new opportunity and seeing no other viable solutions, joined Old Republic. After working for a few short months in Malestrom Industrial Salvage, Jack was elected to the Senate and has actively produced bills to further the Old Republic. TO BE CONTINUED


When not sporting his Republic Naval Combat Armor Jack can be seen in a slick business suit tailored to fit his frame exactly. Jack is generally laid back, but be sure not to cross him or you may end up in his trophy collection. Jack prefers to spend most of his time in the cockpit or tinkering with one of his various ships. and to see him out of those ships in a local cantina or anywhere else for that matter is extremely rare. Having a hearty laugh Jack is known by many sentients in the galaxy as a kind trader and a friend to all.

Known Ships

Jack Blanka owns many ships but to list them all would be space consuming. The few listed are those piloted most often.

Jack Bulk.png BFF-1 Bulk Freighter El Pollo Loco
Data Unavailable CR-90a Vigilance
Blanka 32.jpg YV-666 Hamilton
5758844029 d1e8c4366b t.jpg BTL-S3 Y wing Point


Jack runs small goods sales from his hub in Magatesso 1

CPM Trade Value: 278,269,113

Buy Value: 227,745,958

Sell Value: 50,523,155

Average: 3,393,526 / trade


Total: 98.8%

Positive: 82 (98.8%)

Neutral: 1 (1.2%)

Negative: 0 (0%)

  • These statistics do not represent many business deals made over other medians.