Jaereed Welk

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Jaereed Welk
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother ReLu' Caelon
Father Cue'Ja' Sonif Welk
Born Y2 D70
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Coloring Dark Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Blue Star Enterprises
Rank President
Prior Affiliation Black Sun, Cybot Galactica
Awards Taspir Campaign, Commendation Medal

Young Life

Young Life Y2-15 Jaereed Was born like most Chiss on Csilla, in year 3 His parents worked on carving out new living spaces under the ice, so they were rarely home, so Jaereed spent most of his time alone, until one day an escape pod crashed in a nearby closed eating area, when Jaereed went to investigate he found something unexpected entirely...A Nohgri! The strange creature pulled itself out of the crash and seeing that it was Injured Jaereed felt the need to help it. For the next few weeks Jaereed hid the Nohgri from everyone else in his family for he knew they would kill the poor thing if it was found, all the while helping it heal and it teaching Jaereed his language of Noghrese. The Nhogri also taught Jaereed his name, Kubrarjan and they became best of friends. This was all well until one day Kubrarjan felt good enough to wander about and was spotted by several Chiss guards,and was immediately shot down by the guards. When Jaereed heard the news about a 'Strange creature on all fours shot down in sector 8' He immediately knew who it was. This incident made Jaereed very angry and resentful, and that is why he fled Csilla.

Unknown Regions

Y15-Y18 For the next three years of his life Jaereed wandered around the unknown regions, almost nothing is known about this time except for this is when he first learned of Duracrete and Granite Slugs.......

Founding The Following of the Duracrete Slugs Y19-Y20

On Csilla there were no Slugs, so when Jaereed first laid eyes on one of the beautiful creatures he fell in love with them immediately, and he knew that he had to do something for them and thus The Following of the Duracrete Slugs was born! A religion to the great slugs of the galaxy. Jaereed has dedicated himself to furthering the slugs and all followers of them like himself. Many view slugs as gross and boring but Jaereed like few others see the truth in the slugs..."they are sentient" was his claim and because of this belief Jaereed Stumbled upon an ancient prophecy, that someday the Slugs will rise up and rule the galaxy! and the only ones who will be spared are their closest followers, and believers!

Black Sun

Jaereed Welk spent around ten months in the Black Sun Collective. This is where he grew many of his skill and made his first few connections within members of the galaxy. During this time Jaereed Primarily managed mines in the Malanose System, and before leaving achieved the rank E-3 (Kukri). Also during this time Jaereed met his Mentor Amelia Kolczynski 1 who always believed in him and knew that he had potential,seeming unlike the rest of the faction. The Beginning of the End Near around the 8 month mark of Jaereed's service in Black Sun something went sideways with his Mentor Amy and she became wanted by Black Sun, therefore she went on the run while Jaereed stayed behind, this was a poor decision because all remaining members of Black Sun had little respect for Jaereed, and Amy was the only thing gluing the BS community together.The Next two months were pitiful, no increase in pay, no promotions and very little support from his superiors, Jaereed Decided to reach out to Amy and join Cybot Galactica.

A sad hour

Once reunited with his old friend and mentor Jaereed quickly and happily got busy managing mines for Cybot, once again respected and liked by the others around him, but things took a turn for the worse. Not two weeks after joining Cybot Amy was betrayed by her parter in Raas Moretti Industries and killed by Tarenjeek O'Cuinn. He continues to happily serve for Cybot Galactica for five months, but soon he yearns to do his own this, be his own person and fight for himself

Blue Star Enterprises

Year 20 Day 134 Jaereed Welk leaves Cybot Galactica and two days later he creates the trading faction Blue Star Enterprises along with his business partner Tazer Aasa. At this time Jaereed begins to receive valuable gifts from a mysterious benefactor and needs to hide his gains from the galactic IRS. Also during this period he befriends and hires Joseph Rinn to help him in the search for a planet and the search for a home.