Jake Cinew

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Jake Cinew
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Born Year -14 Day 84
Died Year 16 Day 300
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Red Phantom
Rank King

Jake was born on Coruscant, about 14 years before the rise of the Empire. His parents John and Linda Cinew were powerful and well known Republic senators. Their only desire for Jake was that he would become a senator like them. He however wanted to be a pilot, due to this he stole his parents personal ship and left the planet.Jake hid out with his uncle after fleeing. A couple days later, he learned of the rise of the Empire and that his parents were both killed during. Jake was devastated, he felt responsible, like if he hadn't left his parents would have survived. Shortly after he told his uncle, his uncle fell into a drunken rage and tried to kill him. fearful, Jake quickly grabbed a DL-44 that was just lying on the ground and shot at his uncle, hitting him in the leg. his uncle roared in pain, picking up a bottle of Corellian ale and throwing it at Jake. Jake got shards of glass shattered in his left thigh, he fell to the ground screaming in pain. His blaster fell to the floor. Jake's uncle rushed towards him, picking up a wrench on the way. Jake quickly grabbed the blaster and shot his uncle in the chest stopping him in his tracks. Jake then limped away, to treat his wound. two weeks later, Jake left his uncle's old house. His uncle's death it him hard, especially after the news about his parents. Jake felt more alone then he ever had. Jake found his uncle's stolen Jedi star fighter in his garage, taking it and flying off into the stars. He eventually found his way to Coruscant, joining the newly formed Imperial union as an intelligence operative. He exceeded at his job due to his young age, and strengthened the Empire because of that. After about five years, he wanted to leave. The job just no longer brought him the joy he used to have. Jake started a small group called Iron Gate, a business dedicated to helping those in need. Most were weary of a business run by a 19 year old though so it was slow. Regardless, Jake built it up over the course of ten years before selling the business off to a tycoon that bought it up. After selling his business, Jake went on to work for Tion Hegemony, as a pilot, which is where he met Jor Panoka. Panoka was easily the most charismatic person, Jake ever met, he convinced Jake to make a group with him, He wanted to call it Red Phantom. It purpose as it was pitched to Jake was that it would help smaller groups grow, Jake however, wasn't exactly sure it was a great idea, there were holes in it, mainly how Jor would get all the money Jake would give him to small groups, regardless Jake agreed. Red Phantom rose and made connections, Jake began to notice strange things about though, it almost seemed to operate more like a gang then a non profit group. Jake one day decided to approach Jor about it. After a lengthy discussion, Jor admitted to taking the money for himself, but promised he would not do it anymore, he claimed he valued Jake's friendship more, Jake considered his apology and decided to forgive him, Jake returned to work. Nine days later, Jake learned he was the prime suspect for a murder within Tion, he attempted to explain he was innocent but they wouldn't have it. Jake was arrested quickly afterwords. While in his cell, Jor visited him. He admitted to being responsible and told Jake he no longer needed him. Jake was executed the next morning.