James Turner

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James Turner and his wife Mia
Personal Information
Name: James Turner
Birth: 13th of April
Home World: Kuat
Species: Human - Kuati
Marital Status: Single
Physical Description
Height: 6'0ft
Weight: ---
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Ice Blue
Father: Marcus Turner [Deceased]
Mother: Elizabeth Turner [Comatised]
  • Elisha Turner {From Deana Branson)
  • Joshua Turner (From Kimberly Tylger)
  • Elizabeth Turner [Mia Logan]
  • Marcus Turner [Mia Logan]
  • Richard Turner [Mia Logan]
  • Unborn Child [Kassandra Dasiva]
  • Others
  • Deana Branson-von Ismay [Divorced]
  • Kimberly Tylger [Divorced]
  • Mia Logan [Divorced]

Archduke James Turner is the second son of Marcus and Elizabeth Turner. James was the refounder and reclaimer of House Turner after Liam dissolved it, he also formed the Order of Hudriel (The protecters of House Turner).


Early years

Imperial Life

Majestic 12

Imperial Intelligence

Rise of House Turner

Order of Coruscant

BlackSword Command

End of an Era

New Anzat Order

Hapes Consortium


Secret Life

New Republic

Return to House Turner

Turner Securities Limited

Career Summary

Galactic Empire

  • Imperial Army (Major General)
  • MJ-12
  • Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence (Plexus Attache)
  • Director of Imperial Intelligence (Director)
  • Third in command of Special Branch (Director)

New Anzat Order

  • Minister of Security and Intelligence (Minister)
  • Vizier of Security (Vizier)
  • Admiral of the Fleets (NCO, Fleet Admiral)

StormOne Recylcing

  • Director of Security (Director, Board of Directors)

Hapes Consortium

  • Hapan Marine Corps (Corporal)
  • Hapan Intelligence (Junior Agent)

Turner Securities Limited

  • Chief of Staff (General, Leader)
  • Chief of the Military Operations and Intelligence (General, Third in Command)
  • Owner of Turner Securities Limited

New Republic

Current -

  • New Republic Army (Lt. Colonel)
  • Governor of the Tatoo System
  • Republic Recruitment Officer

Retired -

  • Director of Operations, Republic Medical (Director/Major)
  • Republic Recruitment (Senior Recruiter)