Jaxon Sorrell

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Jaxon Sorrell
Jaxon AVI.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Born Anzati. Jaxon has become unique an mutation of Diathim.
Homeworld Anzat
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse none (widower)
Siblings Unknown
Children one son, (deceased)
Physical Description
Gender male
Height 6'3"
Coloring Pale white skin.
Eye Color Glowing emerald green
Political Information
Affiliation Raging Banthas
Prior Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth,Krath Dynasty

Appearance Before The Virus

Standing around 5'10", Jaxon Sorrell was made up with a athletic build. Through his extensive assassination training, he was taught to favor speed and dexterity over raw power. As some Anzati, Jaxon's green eyes seemed to glow and pierce into those he watched.

Jaxon often wears a long black trench coat, gray shirt and black pants with a belt/quick draw holster on his right side that contains "Death's Hand" as well as other items and weapons.

History: Earliest Recorded History

A photo of Jaxon before turning 100 years of age.

Born 200 years ago. Jaxon Sorrell was taken at a young age to be trained in the ways of traditional Anzati assassinations by the secret Anzati society known simply as "The Order". **Records containing details about "The Order" have been purged from the databank**. Once graduated from his training, Jaxon worked as a assassin for "The Order" until reaching his 100th birthday marking the tradition for all Anzati to be given the option to leave their home world of Anzat.

Due to the skills he gained from his strict assassin training, he easily got a job within a now dissolved bounty hunter guild. This is where he would meet a female Anzati bounty hunter who eventually would become his mate **Her name is unavailable to public records**. Sorrell eventually gained a reputation for taking death contracts. This would end up being one of Jaxon’s main methods of feeding for “soup”.

Second Chance At Life

It is rumored some time after Jaxon and his mate returned shortly to Anzat, that Jaxon's long time bounty hunter partner, Zak Yoshun, killed Jaxon's mate while still pregnant with their son. Zak Yoshun carefully hid any evidence. Five years later, he sold Jaxon's location to a force sensitive rival bounty hunter named Sak Dokai. Dokai had a deep hatred for the Anzati race and wished to experiment in ways to control them. Jaxon's memory was temperately purged form him for a few years while being held as a prisoner. Once he defeated the effects, he fed on Dokai's 'soup' and left him for dead.

Jaxon regain a majority of his memories but was plagued with nightmares. Jaxon gave up bounty hunting and became a transport pilot working for Anzatan Commonwealth.

He eventually met another Anzati, Kira Morbus, who helped him overcome his damaged memories and nightmares (Year 14). Jaxon's eventually learned the truth regarding his mate's murder by accident. He cough Zak Yoshun and tortured him. This eventually ended in Jaxon feeding on the Kuati's ”soup” as revenge for selling him out to Dokai. Afterwords, Jaxon learned through Zak's memories via the "soup" that Zak Yoshun was in fact the one who killed Jaxon's mate all along. (Year 14 Day 122). This effect is known as “Sea of Memories”.

Shortly afterwords, Jaxon left the Commonwealth in search of an organization that suited his goals and beliefs a better. After a long search he eventually joined with The Krath Dynasty's ground combat division. After some unknown personal issues involving Jaxon's superior officer, he resigned and started a career as a freelance pilot for hire.

Transformation/New Appearance

On year 14 day 135, While out on a delivery out to Hutt Space, Jaxon contracted the Derras virus. The mutation attempt to take Jaxon back at a local tavern that Jaxon frequents. With the help of a friend, he was cured. Despite this, Jaxon relapsed and begun to transform again. The ending result has left Jaxon without full Anzati or full Diathim DNA. The result of his transformation has left Jaxon as some type of alternate mutation between the two. Jaxon no longer needs to feed for soup and his most notable changes are two large raven black wings that reach out around 4 ft in span when they’re fully stretched, Jaxon’s skin has turned from his usual grayish tone to pale white. Jaxon’s strength, speed and dexterity have increased as well with this change. It is unknown as to why his transformation turned out so radical from the majority who have been stricken with it. It could possibly be a combination of his Anzat DNA, perhaps something Jaxon did, the exposure of the cure the first time. This is currently all speculation.

The Privateer

The Privateer entering a trade station's docking area.

Jaxon's personal ship is an aged HWK-290 that was produced during the Clone Wars. Jaxon acquired it while escaping from Dokai's moon during his imprisonment. When it first came into his possession, the ship was neglected and barely space worthy. After many decades of continuous work, Jaxon turned the Privateer into one of the fastest light freighters around. Despite its lack of real firepower, the highly customized HWK-290 has sacrificed some cargo space for a small bunk/refresher station as well as increased engines and maneuverability. These engine upgrades have given the already nimble HWK-290 even better handing close to what is experienced with many standard fighters.

A greater sensor package, shields, armor, and an advanced jamming system have been installed as well. The ship has been known to be an effective smuggler ship/blockade runner. Often credited for outrunning authorities and disappearing from enemy ship instruments altogether.