Jeff Froud

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Jeff Froud
Jeff Froud.png
Biographical Information
Race Vurk
Homeworld Sembla
Mother Jolene Froud-Moore
Father Hank Froud
Marital Status Single
Born Year 0 Day 66
Languages Basic, Vurkese, High Galactic
Religion The doctrine of the Ashlanian codex
Quote Do you have any Nova Crystal's for sale?
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 Meters
Weight 60 kg
Coloring Grey
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Cybot Galactica, Galactica Group
Title Guardian Apperentice (Formerly)
Positions Reporter for the Galactica Group Press Office, Staff for Fairwind Exotics Auction Company
Prior Affiliation The Ashla Covenant, Guardian Engineering Corps
"Hey, don't touch that."
— Jeff Froud, on his collector's Nova Crystal

Jeff Froud is a male Vurk from the world of Sembla. His parents were renowned explorers who worked (for the most part) for the Ypsobay Trading Company. A few years after their disappearance, Jeff became enrolled in the Covenant Academy of The Ashla Covenant. He is currently a Guardian Apprentice for The Ashla Covenant. Together with Virak Kira, he is the co-founder of the Hard Vurker Collective.

Early Life

Jeff Froud was born on the volcanic island world of Sembla, the homeworld of the Vurk species, on Year 0 Day 66. His parents, Hank and Jolene Froud, were partnered explorers that worked for the Ypsobay Trading Company at the time Jeff was born, which was four years after their wedding. They specialized in the north-eastern region of the Unknown Regions, with Dbari as their primary home base. By the time Jeff was three, they had established a name for themselves as for-hire explorers. But, the Galactic Empire, the governing body of Dbari, started to crackdown on freelancing explorers. They were giving explorers an ultimatum between signing an Imperial contract, or getting their licenses revoked.

When they refused to bow to the Empire, their Simiyiar-class Freighter was impounded indefinitely. His parents switched to an aging RZ-68, which was not fully equipped for the scientific research that they were focusing on. Many components of the ship were not up-to-date, including the NavComputer. They continued on this path for fourteen years until a trip to the Kormoran system sent them instead to the relatively unfamiliar system of X-110. It was here that his parents had sent out their final distress beacon. After months of hunting for their ship, the search was called off. It is suspected that the Galactic Empire was responsible for their disappearance, with the ship being blown up by Imperial fighters on a routine patrol.

Jeff and his droids departing from Zolan 1.

Covenant service

Until he was 18 years old, Jeff was able to live with his maternal grandparents. When he turned 18, he moved back into the flat on Dbari that had been previously occupied by his parents. While poring over the left over research notes from his parents, he came across a religion that was named over and over again. In early year 19, Jeff reached out to liaisons for the Ashla Covenant who suggested he enroll in the Covenant Academy of Zolan. While attending, he met many lifelong acquaintances such as Scerad Vank. Jeff specialized in science, prodction and exploration while at the Covenant Academy and later graduated to become a Guardian Apprentice. Recently, an opportunity arose for him to follow in his parents' footsteps to explore uncharted territory in the name of the Covenant. Jeff accepted, ready to complete the work that his parents had started.

Cybot Galactica

While on a routine charting mission, Jeff was contacted by one of his best friends, Amelia Moretti. She gave him a personal invitation to join the famous droid manufacturing company Cybot Galactica. Wanting to expand his experience (and his salary), he resigned from Covenant service and became a Cybot employee.

Jeff found himself specializing in logistics and production, although he was occasionally forced by the Galactica CEO Dex Sehrin to do routine mining work. He became friendly with people from the entire Galactica Group. On Y19 D360, Amelia and her unborn child were murdered in a plot to take over her company, Raas-Moretti Industries. Deeply affected by this, Jeff partnered up with Dex to do something about the murderers and was tasked to publish an official statement about the drama.

The official statement became a live broadcast of the CEO's press conference which was riddled with technical errors, since it was being broadcast from a building that was not equipped with all the proper equipment. Eventually, Jeff overcame the issues and got the signal relatively stable. This relative disaster made his name known to the news-watching galaxy and he got invited to the Shili Free Press opening party.

Returning home

Almost a full year after leaving Sembla, he returned to pick up a ship for his friend, Phaeton Seth. Jeff made use of this rare opportunity to see how his homeworld has been doing. It was not going good. The local government, the Tion Hegemony has focused their attention on other planets within their territory and crime went sky-high. Visiting his parent's old apartment, he found their will together with a video message. In the message, Jeff's parents said that they were being chased by an unknown enemy. The will said that their RZ-68 officially belonged to Jeff if it was ever recovered, in addition to a KR-4B that his parents purchased with their last credits. Running out of vacation time, Jeff picked up the ship he came for and returned to Asher while thinking about the video message and who could have killed his parents.