Jennos Ackbar

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Jennos Ackbar
Jennos Ackbar Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Dac
Born Year -26 Day 129
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Coloring Blue-skinned
Eye Color Orange-red
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Prior Affiliation The StarVengers (Year 3)
Falleen Federation
Triumvirate Security Force

Jennos Ackbar is a retired officer who served in Falleen Federation. In the past, he has served as an Admiral in the StarVengers, a Vice Admiral in the Falleen Federation Navy, and later as Director of the Falleen Intelligence Bureau. Jennos is blue-skinned Mon Cal and stands exactly two meters tall. He is considered fairly large for his species. His bulbous eyes are an orange-red hue and they deepen in color when he is angry. Now retired, Jennos wears a personal uniform cut on similar lines, but of a different shade, to his Falleen Federation Naval uniform. He includes his Falleen rank and commendations with his dress.


Early Youth

Jennos Ackbar was born into a poor philanthropic family on the watery planet of Mon Calamari. At a young age, he found himself bored with normal Mon Cal pastimes and instead he taught himself in astro-navigation, as well as starfighter and capital ship tactics. His family discouraged him from such ventures and instead urged him to pursue a sensible, safe career. For this, Jennos has always resented his parents.

After graduating from the Calamari Institute of Engineering with degrees in Naval and Aeronautical Engineering, Jennos departed his cherished homeworld in search of fortune and glory. Once abroad in the galaxy, he was completely lost and bewildered, but he soon found employment as a pilot with the notorious StarVengers, a quasi-piratical mercenary unit that raided shipping lanes and was responsible for the Galactic Hostage Crisis.

As a cerebral Mon Cal, Jennos had both an excellent eye for the strategic layer of space combat and a keen understanding of the tactical advantages of capital ships. Using this knowledge, he worked his way up the blood-spattered ranks of the mercenary outfit. With the retirement or death of several key officers, Jennos was finally promoted to Admiral and appointed the acting Commanding Officer (CO) of the StarVengers' fleet.

Unfortunately, the StarVengers was soon destroyed due to fiendish intrigues hatched by Venom Kazvar and its fleet merged into Kazvar's infamous Horizon Corporation. With sudden collapse of the mercenary contingent, Jennos became emotionally withdrawn and went into self-imposed exile on Mon Calamari. Eventually, he received an encrypted transmission from Slip Stream, one of his former compatriots in the StarVengers. The ever-persuasive Slip convinced Jennos to leave Mon Calamari and to join him in the Falleen Federation.

Falleen Federation

Circa Year 3 Day 30, Jennos enlisted as a capital ship pilot in the Falleen Federation. He flew a minor role in Operation Shadowstone and was lucky to survive. With the death of King Eldrik Kuraine at the Battle of Beta, Jennos took a sabbatical from the Federation Military, but returned as a Commodore. Through many years of distinction and service, he rose through the ranks to Vice Admiral. With his vast experience and excellent tactical knowledge, he was the first choice to command the Rukhar Defence Fleet (RDF) upon his promotion.

After a military re-shuffle, Jennos was made a Rear Admiral and made the XO of the RDF. He still commanded the Invincible, a ship he took everywhere he went. Ever close to his family and friends on Mon Calamari, he was continually reminded of the need for him to remain in the Federation, even when his time as RDF CO ended. He took up the post of Quartermaster, during which time he supervised allocation of Federation material. But the blood-lust in Jennos faded further still, and he decided that it would be for the best if he permanently retired from active combat duty.

Later Years

Jennos formally retired from the Falleen Federation Navy in Year 7 Day 130, and returned to Mon Calamari for leave and to lecture at a prominent Mon Calamari school. After finishing his sabbatical on his home planet of Mon Calamari, Jennos returned to the Federation, to find many of his old friends had moved on. He searched them out whilst acting as a Military Adviser to the Federation.

Finding many of his old friends, he formally retired from all military service in the Falleen Federation and moved into his new place in the Triumvirate Security Force (TSF), a Falleen Federation ally. After his brief stint with TSF, Jennos returned to the Federation and took up his old rank before moving to become Director of Falleen Intelligence Bureau (FIB).


StarVengers Navy

  • Admiral

Falleen Federation Navy

  • Vice Admiral
  • Director

Clan Feleos

  • Ta-Shir


StarVengers Navy

  • Admiral of the Fleet

Falleen Federation Navy

  • Navy XO
  • RDF CO
  • MAF XO
  • Quartermaster

Falleen Federation

  • Secretary of Finance
  • Director of Falleen Intelligence Bureau


  • "Being a Mon Cal didn't get me into trouble with the Empire, destroying their ships worked a treat though!"
  • "Since the Empire slapped a bounty on my head, I thought I'd better actually do something to earn it."
  • "Yeah, I joined the Empire in the beginning. Wanted to be a pilot, but they wouldn't let me. What gave me away? Dunno, maybe the gills?"