Jova PallaDel

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Jova PallaDel
Jova PallaDel Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Niko Rosom (foster mother)
Father Bankou PallaDel (biological father)
Pestil Rosom (foster father)
Spouse Olbri Keakin Rosom
Siblings Plojo Rosom (foster brother)
Children Braph PallaDel (child by Olbri)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Weight 83.91 kg
Coloring Dark complexion
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation (formerly)
Prior Affiliation Omega Order Vehicles (co-founder)
Ubrikkian Corporation (owner)

Jova PallaDel[1] is a male Human and, purportedly, the foster brother of Dark Prince Plojo Rosom of the Black Sun crime syndicate. As a child, Jova was raised in servitude to Angobba Desilijic Lucar until he was sold at the age of eight standard years to Pestil Rosom. Jova was befriended and guided by Rosom's eldest child Plojo. However, his time with the Rosom family was short-lived as his biological father reappeared and claimed him as his property. Luckily, a Siniteen tinkerer known in Galactic Basic as Nate Sintax enabled Jova to escape his father's clutches.

At thirteen years of age, Jova returned to Tatooine and joined his foster-sister Olbri's fearsome swoop-gang. After two years of raising hell, the gang tussled with a deadly band of Tusken Raiders in Beggar's Canyon. The harrowing experience convinced Jova and Olbri to change their ways. They chose to focus on their studies and soon parted. Thereafter, Jova was accepted to the prestigious University of Coruscant. Upon graduation, he sought his biological mother. His search led him back to Tatooine only to learn out that she had been dead and buried for some time.

With nowhere to go, Jova helped Pestil Rosom manage his Sabacc casinos. When Pestil's wife Niko fell ill, Jova and Olbri were fortuitously reunited and confessed their feelings to one another. Jova eventually married Olbri and they had a little boy, Braph PallaDel. Subsequently, Jova purchased and sold Ubrikkian Corporation, as well as Haven Salvage. He became an employee of the Trade Federation. Following his brief career in the Trade Federation, his whereabouts and activities are unknown. His last reported sighting in the galaxy was on Year 6 Day 315.[1]


The Rosom Family

Jova began his life as a chattel-slave on the desert world of Tatooine. His cruel Hutt master, Angobba Desilijic Lucar, cared nothing for him. A rowdy youth, Jova was highly intelligent and quick to outsmart Angobba's brutish overseers. Rather than kill the unruly boy, Angobba sold him for a modest sum to Pestil Rosom, a gambling kingpin. In exchange for his freedom, Pestil required that Jova attend school and perform well or he would be returned to Angobba's servitude. Jova quickly consented to this proposal and started his life anew with the Rosom family.

His time with the Rosom family was well spent. Their first-born child, Plojo, took Jova under his wing and taught him all he knew. The two boys became inseparable, getting into mischief and having fun. Alongside the Rosoms' second child Olbri, the three younglings often used their wiles to fleece newcomers in Mos Eisley spaceport. Such carefree times were fleeting though. Following Jova's tenth solar birthday, his absentee father — a one-eyed, ryll-pirate named Bankou PallaDel — came for the lad. Not realizing his old man was a treacherous scoundrel, Jova agreed to join his wayward parent and, together, they departed Tatooine for parts unknown.

His father Bankou was miserly star-bandit who subsisted on porridge and Corellian spiced ale. He routinely exploited his boy's intelligence in order to plunder banks and to enrich himself. It wasn't until Jova was almost vaporized in a botched heist that he realized he must escape his father's grasp. While looking for lost artifacts on the uncharted planet of Sinitee, Jova stumbled upon an emaciated Siniteen tinkerer called Nate Sintax. Nate had been abandoned by his dwindling species and was overjoyed to see Jova. Upon hearing how Bankou viciously abused Jova, Nate assisted the young lad escape his dire predicament. Posing as a prisoner, Nate sliced into Bankou's personal data files and notified the authorities of Bankou's illicit actions. When the trio landed at a Corellian starport, Bankou was arrested by the draconian CorSec and promptly incarcerated. Thus Nate and Jova were free to pursue their own goals. Jova trekked across the stars to Tatooine while Nate journeyed to Coruscant in his quest to find others of his own species.

Now aged thirteen years, Jova reunited with the Rosom family. During this time, Plojo was away at the university on Coruscant and, with little companionship, Jova became rambunctious and disobedient. He neglected his academic studies. He was initiated into the most rollicking swoop-gang in the sector and became very close to fellow gang-member and foster-sister Olbri. They teamed up on many occasions, committing petty heists and stealing landspeeders. As the summers passed, Jova became fond of the headstrong Olbri but his love was seemingly unrequited.

Omega Order Vehicles

When he was about fifteen, Jova and Olbri's swoop-gang went joyriding in the perilous Beggar's Canyon, a place for bored youths who lived around the town of Anchorhead to show off their piloting skills to each other. They were ambushed by a roving band of Tusken Raiders. The gang escaped except for Olbri who was wounded in the leg and unable to operate her swoop-bike. Jova risked his life and went back for Olbri, while the rest of the gang abandoned them. The two narrowly made it out of the canyon alive. That night Olbri resolved to complete her education and stay close to home. In turn, Jova chose to follow Plojo's footsteps and leave Tatooine to obtain a degree in business. It would be years later before Jova would see Olbri again.

After relocating to Coruscant, Jova encountered his old chum Nate Sintax who was still tinkering with starships and enjoying a nomadic lifestyle. The two comrades shared a humble abode and, relying upon Nate's brilliant mind, Jova handily graduated from his academy with top honors. Upon graduation, Jova convinced his foster sibling Plojo into launching a vehicle business. The four adventurers — Jova PallaDel, Plojo Rosom, Nate Sintax, and bodyguard Joe Shlookana — founded Omega Order Vehicles (OOV) on Year 3 Day 23. After the business was established, Jova received a sub-space transmission from his depraved father who begged him for help. Disfigured and gasping, his father was agonizingly dying from a slow-acting poison that took its final effect moments prior to his last heist. Jova sadly learned his father's final heist was nothing more than an Imperial trap.

After his father's grisly demise, Jova embarked upon a quest for three solar years to locate his unknown mother. His circuitous quest led him to the planet Lostar, the terraced headquarters of Omega Order Vehicles. Now, after an interminable period of separation, he glimpsed Olbri Keakin from afar. She had matured into a graceful Kuati woman who had a wholesome life with her ex-bodyguard, Joe Shlookana, the Director of Internal Affairs for Omega Order Vehicles. Enraged with jealousy, Jova picked a quarrel with Shlookana in a dingy cantina on Masononia. He lost the fight. Without even greeting Olbri, Plojo, or Nate, Jova angrily fled the planet and found solitude once more in the dry Jundland Wastes of Tatooine.

For the next lonely months, Jova labored for Pestil Rosom at his lucrative casinos. When Pestil's wife Niko contracted a psionic disease, Olbri and Jova met again and spoke for the first time in eight standard years. Beneath the ever-watching stars, Jova confessed his feelings for Olbri and, surprisingly, she reciprocated them. During this blissful interlude, however, the duplicitous Joe Shlookana embezzled over sixty million in credits and assets from Omega Order Vehicles. He then voyaged to Tatooine to slay Jova and Olbri but, fortunately, Plojo intervened in time to kill Shlookana before he could cause any further trouble.

Later Career

While Niko Rosom was convalescing from her mystifying illness, Plojo abruptly vanished, and his unexpected departure tore apart Omega Order Vehicles. Just as Olbri and Jova were about to egress the company, Trandoshan entrepreneur Paul Harkonnen requested their aid in recovering the body of supposedly dead Nate Sintax. Once Nate was found alive and surprisingly was none the worse for wear, the couple planned to head out once more. Observing that Jova was a good man and a steadfast worker, Paul Harkonnen shrewdly recruited him as an employee for the Ubrikkian Corporation (UC).

Upon entering the service of the Ubrikkian Corporation, Jova discovered the organization was languishing under a plague of internal politics. He was thrust into the dangerous role of a reformer who had disagreeable truths to tell those in authority. Although he gained a seat on Ubrikkian's newly-formed board of directors, his brisk promotion led to widespread accusations of a pending coup d'état. As a consequence, Jova was thrown off the board only to be reinstated a short time later. Unperturbed by these events, Jova bought the Ubrikkian Corporation from its previous owner and revived the once great company. Jova ran the organization for approximately six months before turning his attention to the salvage/shipwright firm known as Haven. He struck a bargain with the infamous warlord Venom Kazvar who sold Jova the company for an undisclosed sum.

While times were tough for Jova and his team at Haven, they managed quite nicely in the end. Jova eventually married his long-suffering fiancée Olbri Keakin and the two often star-hopped across the galaxy enjoying each day one by one. Despite his success, Jova is never too busy to stop and talk to anyone or give someone in the galaxy a helping hand.[2]

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