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HAVw A5 Juggernaut
Navigational Stats
Max Speed 80 km/h
Maneuverability 2
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions Cave, Glacier, Jungle, Ocean, Swamp, Volcanic
Weapons 3 Heavy Lasers, 1 Medium Blaster, 2 Concussion Grenade Launchers
Cargo Stats
Weight 400 T
Volume 1100 m3
Weight Capacity 40 T
Volume Capacity 200 m3
Passengers 58
Hull Statistics
Length 22 m
Hull 800
Ionic Capacity 600
Shield 0
Specials Hangar Bay
Raw Materials
Quantum 229
Meleenium 1964
Ardanium 56
Rudic 75
Tibannagas 28
Lommite 54
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Developed by Republic Department of Military Research during the Rise of the Empire era for use in the Republic army. Instead of using a walker design the engineers chose a wheeled vehicle with five axles. It was nicknamed the 'Rolling Slab'. The A5 was designed to fulfill several roles in ground combat. It could serve as a spearhead of a grand assault, a mobile command center for troops in the field, engage in hit and run raids, and even act as antiaircraft battery versus airspeeders and starfighters.

Like the AT-AT she is designed to carry a platoon to troopers into battle. She has a more cavernous hangar bay for vehicles than the AT-AT which is often used to carry airspeeders or other scouting vehicles to help support her platoon.

Due to the lack of maneuverability the A5 was equipped with two cockpits, one on either side of the vehicle. A complex control keeps the pilots from conflicting one another with commands. This enables the vehicle to turn quicker than it would otherwise be able to do so keeping it in the battle more.

Another innovation is the sentry tower which houses most of the sensors of the vehicle. This is also a weakness of the vehicle as it is often the target of airspeeder and starfighter attacks. This causes volunteers to be short for sentry tower duty as in battle it is often a death sentence.

Emperor Drayson chose not to further develop the Juggernaut when he came to power, instead concentrating on walker development as envisioned in the AT-AT and AT-ST. The Galactic Empire though still has the technology to build the Juggernaut, an ability they jealously guard.


Towards the waning days of the Republic a larger variant arose known as the HAVw A6 Juggernaut. The A6 was roughly twice the size of the A5 and saw action upon Kashyyyk. It carried more anti personnel weapons and missile launchers. No known models of this variant have survived to present day since its development was abandoned by Emperor Drayson.

Another variant was the HAVT B5 Juggernaut. The B5 differed greatly from the A5 or A6 in that it no longer had the dual cockpits, was armed minimally with only a single laser cannon turreted over the remaining cockpit. It had improved cargo capacity and could carry up to a light battalion into battle.