Juno Xaed

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Juno Xaed
Biographical Information
Race Human (Tatooinian)
Homeworld Tatooine
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Raptor Pirates
Astralwerks Engineering
Infinite Dark

Juno Xaed is a Tatooinian male.[1] Like many other humans in the galaxy, he has endured his fair share of hardships in life. Due to his charismatic nature and intimate knowledge of Tatooine's underworld, Juno was employed for many years as a special negotiator for the Hutt crime family on Tatooine. Over the years, by mingling with the vile cohorts of the Hutts' syndicate, Juno developed his skills in projectile weaponry and starship piloting. He also learned the finer points of smuggling contraband and avoiding Imperial entanglements.[1]

In his late twenties, after almost a decade of working for the Hutts, Juno amassed enough credits to leave Tatooine and to explore the wider galaxy. He finally departed the cosmic dustball known as Tatooine in his transport ship and headed into the fathomless depths of space.[1]

It didn't take Juno long to make his mark on the galaxy. Circa Year 2, intergalactic crime reports identified him as a Raptor Pirate.[1] Later, he temporarily abandoned his life of crime to serve as the director of Astralwerks Engineering. However, in the first quarter of Year 3, Xaed sold the latter engineering company to Alex Tylger.[2] Returning to the criminal underworld, he founded Infinite Dark,[3] a smuggling ring operating in the Tingel Arm of the galaxy. After four months, Xaed was succeeded as ringleader by Kam Farlight.[4]

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