Justin Havana

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Justin Havana
Justin Havana.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld No Record
Mother No Record
Father No Record
Spouse No Record
Born No Record
Died Year 14 Day 258
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'4"
Coloring Greenish Brown Scales
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Classified
Rank Unknown
Positions Intelligence Agent
Prior Affiliation Unknown

Justin Havana is an Intelligence Agent with no known affiliation or contacts. Most of what follows is pure speculation.


Just another day at the office

Little is known about Justin Havana, what is known is considered rumor and speculation. Some said he was a direct descendent of the last known owner of the Bounty Hunters Guild, Cradossck . Some even speculated he had ties to the BHG, but no confirmation has ever been recorded. Rumors had even surfaced he was a member of the Galactic Intelligence Agency, though as many rumors said this just as many said he had no ties what so ever. Rumors of all kinds have been spoken in cantinas across the galaxy, though it could be possible he spread them himself. What better to protect one’s own secrets then to crowd it with lies. What is known for certain though is that is he is a notorious intelligence trader sought out by many in the underground circles of the galaxy. It is not known who he has worked for or even currently employed by, it can't be assumed if he is working for any of the known espionage organizations.

The Underground

Justin on a mission

The underground circles of the galaxy are filled with all types of people; smugglers, pirates, assassins are just to name a few. The intelligence agent is home amongst those few, but only the smart ones that are quick on their feet are the ones that survive. Those circles operated in networks and were impossible to have attained any information from them without the right connections. Little is confirmed of Justin; no known aliases, no known affiliation and no known contacts. Only those close to him knew anything about him, anyone else just knew he dabbles in secrets, lies and intelligence. It is rumored that he was one of the best. Hardly any records can be found at all of this trandoshan, those that are have no validity. Rumors said he or someone close to him hacked into numerous systems deleting any records of his birth and childhood. The only information about him that is known is his name and his physical appearance. The work Justin has done has taken him across space and has caused him to meet many other sentient beings. His contacts list may run deeper than most people bank accounts. His rumored exploits are the stuff of legends across the cantinas, though none are known to have been true.

Personality and Known Facts

Justin travels anywhere for the right price


Those who have met Justin have said these few things of his personality. He only said what needs to be said and never a word more. He kept to himself and remained focused on his work. He prefers to have worked alone with little to no support. He relished in the rumors he over heard about his past and whom he worked for. He was charismatic enough to have had infiltrated any circle, and subtle enough to have extracted any secret, smart enough to have known where to look, and instinctual enough to have known when it’s time to jump ship. Other than those few confirmed bits nothing else seemed to be known about him by the public.


  • Appearance
  • Vague work title of Intelligence Agent
  • Well known name in underground circles
  • He had little to no records