Juura Nasirii Tuaaba

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"Je killya um pasa doe beeska wumpa."
— Juura the Hutt

Juura the Hutt
Biographical Information
Race Hutt
Homeworld Nal Hutta
Father Gorbo Nasirii Drugo
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year -635 BCGT
Physical Description
Gender Hermaphrodite (Identifies as female)
Height 3.5 Meters (11.5 feet)
Coloring Light Green/Grey
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information

Juura Nasirii Tuaaba or more commonly, Juura the Hutt, is an Eidolon pirate working illicit operations in the Mid Rim and Outer Rim regions; particularly Hutt Space.

Criminal Beginnings

Nasirii Palace surrounded by decaying structures

The slimy and putrid slums of Boboqueequee were a frequent sight to young Juura Tuaaba. Born to the well-off Nasirii kajidic, Juura and all her relatives were notorious criminals even by Hutt standards.

Not even the most powerful of Hutts sitting on the Grand Council dared step into Boboqueequee, for the city itself was indebted to the Nasirii kajidic.

Birth Into Felony

Gorbo Nasirii Drugo had countless offspring, many of who grew up to work alongside their father in the criminal empire. Juura was among those. Born circa Year -635, Juura was first firstborn and thus commanded the most respect. The cityscape of smog and acidic rain forced residents to turn to the kajidic for protection. Such things came at a price though. Juura's childhood consisted of armed collection visits, violent rival firefights, and good old hedonistic pursuits. Truly, the city learned that Juura was one to not cross.

Eidola Calls

Centuries passed and the criminal group of Eidola Pirates seized Hutt Space, and subsequently, most traditional Hutt holdings. The Eidolon campaign against fringe intersector governments devastated the sector at large. However, the pirates in no way impeded Hutt operations

The Nasirii kajidic which had been thriving on Nal Hutta for so long came under the control of Juura after her father died. The Hutt would continue to lead the kajidic's operation for several years until she relinquished leadership to one of her siblings.

After six hundred years of life with the comfortable luxuries of Nal Hutta, Juura had decided to depart from it.

Not many Hutts leave the comfort of home, the decision came after a first-hand experience with Eidola. The pirates ventured to Boboqueequee, unafraid. An unknown Jedi had journeyed to the planet to detach the criminal roots of the Hutts and of Eidola, the rumors said. Such an attempt was futile; the Jedi was brought to the center of the city and was summarily executed.

It was at this moment that Juura decided to join the pirates.

Time On Coruscant

Soon after joining the pirates, Juura ventured to Coruscant. The Nasirii kajidic had several operations on the planet that the Hutt needed to briefly oversee. There she met Naeisha Aldaine. The lovely Hapan woman caught her attention, it can be said that once a Hutt sees something it wants, it will stop at nothing to acquire it. Nae, as the Hutt calls her, was in desperate need of assistance off the planet. Juura was more then happy to provide transport and thus started a lasting friendship. Soon after her business on Coruscant concluded, the Hutt promptly left in the wake of Imperial authority.

Open Space

Following some undiscernible personal trips, Juura the Hutt returned to Hutt Space to a period when the region was experiencing increased Eidolon activities. Planets and systems under the control multi-billion credit corporations and galaxtic governments suffered escalated raids and kidnappings. The murders and smuggling operations of the ruthless pirates decimated the region - but not for the pirates.

The Eidola Pirates celebrated this time with debauchery. Juura and her associates lavished in pools of money and treasures and reportedly even having frequent large parties on a captured Super Star Destroyer

Leaving Eidola

A New Chapter