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Temperate breathable.png
System Yushan
Sector Yushan
Galactic Coordinates (-49, -285)
System Coordinates (4, 14)
Astrographic Entry Yushan
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: temperate/breathable
Controlled By Golan Technologies
Governor None
Magistrate None
Population 98,400,138 inhabitants


At first glance this temperate planet appears to have all the correct ingredients for colonization. A comfortable climate, fertile soil and pleasant grassland covering most of the surface. When first discovered several teams of scientists were dispatched to the planet, discovering the same type of ruins found on Yushan ((Vjun)) near the northern icecaps.

Investigation of the southern polar area started immediately, fueled by the observation that these contained no ice fields. After a careful search they were discovered to be under water, giving rise to the suspicion that the terraforming process that had been so successful on Yushan((Vjun)) may have gone haywire on this planet. Or perhaps Yushan((Adega)) was the test-case and Yushan((Vjun)) the final result. As long as no more information is gained on the aliens that constructed these ruins, it will remain a mystery.

After the planetary survey the first attempt at colonizing this world was soon begun. For a short time the colony prospered. But then a distress call from the planet was received in a neighboring system. Rescue attempts were mounted immediately, but when the rescuers arrived they found no trace of the colonists. Every bit of technology used by them had completely vanished along with them.

For a long time several search operations were mounted, but nothing was ever found. Due to the lack of result the searches were abandoned. Because of this incident people have favored the planet Yushan((Vjun)) for colonization.