Kainga Renquelas

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Kainga Renquelas
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Deep Space Colony
Siblings 4 Brothers (Kai, Caine, Kronk & Kinga)
Children None (Incapable Of Reproducing)
Born Created on Year -8, Day 125
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Hyrotii Corporation

Kainga Renquelas is a member of Hyrotii Corporation and spends most of his time working. He keeps himself to himself but usually ends up fighting other people’s battles.

Early Years

Kainga grew up on a fully functional space colony located in deep space in the northern regions of the galaxy. It was clear to him from an early age that he was conceived within the means of a machine, binding pieces of DNA to create himself. A clone of the colony, as was common with many of the inhabitants.

Although Kainga was put through many years of flash training, (this being the use of holographic flashes to instruct young clones during their growth period) he was brought into a more natural way of learning during his pubescent years, removing any inclination of identity questioning - a factor of shared momories.

Kainga demonstrated many Kiffar tendencies and retained strains of Kiffar DNA. He was officially a Kiffar Male on completion of his creation. However this belonging did not extend to his beliefs. Although offered a Qukuuf, he refused and did not partake in any clan rituals that dominated the fellow Kiffars of the Galaxy.

Kainga was part of a strand of DNA that only a few other clones were created from. He called these fellow clones his brothers and he shared most of his early years with them.


It has been noted that Kainga holds a very short temper.

Although put through a course of flash training, his later education seemed to be less capturing. He is of the simple nature and holds more common sense that knowledge of the Galaxy and what’s in it.

He was very close with his brothers, this is most likely a factor of sharing the same basic genetic material, although they were not 100% the same. This bond is still strong today.

He doesn’t have many close friends, and hardly goes out his way to get any new ones. He’s polite however and always treats everyone, who deserves it, with respect.

On occasions Kainga may display erratic bouts of strange behaviour, in which he is not always his usual self. He’s been noted to say things he wouldn’t otherwise say, or do things that would seem odd in his normal day to day life. Friends have been hurt and possessions have been taken by him etc.

His inability to have children has almost completely diminished his maternal instinct, if he ever had one. He doesn’t understnad the connection with parents and their children and doesn’t prioritise children over adults. They are but the same to him.


Kainga is what you could call a fine specimen of a man. He’s muscular and healthy, for a clone. He’s projected to live an almost full life, a life that any other Kiffar might enjoy. His cells will age with him, normally and healthily.

The adventurous Kiffar enjoys a number of sporting activities, many of them related to water based sports. His favourite is surfing. Once he became eligible to descend down onto planets, he and his brothers spent days by the coastal regions of numerous planets.

The Metamorphosis Plague

On Year 4, when the Metamorphosis Plague first showed itself to the Galaxy, Kainga and his brothers (12 years old) were tested on to see if it had any effect on their DNA.

Kainga, along with his brothers, were and still are immune to the notorious virus. Meaning that their DNA cannot be mutated. Further tests were carried out however no plausible explanation was found, and in late Year 6 research was stopped.

When news broke out about the the Great Animosity Plague (Derra Virus), Kainga and his brothers decided to travel to the system and expose themselves intentionally.

Once they returned to their Space Colony they were immediately quarantined and tested for traces of the virus. None were present. Kainga, Caine, Kinga and Kronk were all immune to both plagues.

Drugs & Alcohol

During the period of Kainga’s modelling career, he was exposed to the raw reality of the Galaxy. He learnt how to use, buy and where to get drugs. Predominantly Ryll. As he and his brothers toured the Couricanti worlds, alcohol was also another impurity that soon tarnished their good boy attitude.

However, soon after realizing that this could not continue, the brother’s sought rehab in the confines of their Space Colony. They are all recovered and well, leaving the drugs and mindless drinking in their past.


All five of the Kiffars started off in gestation sacks, located in one of the labs on the Space Colony. This was to be a long process, ensuring metal stability was kept intact for future life.

As all brothers genetic code is exactly the same, all were similar in appearance, with only slight differences. This was due to the levels of nutrients and solutions they received whilst in the artificial embryo. Kainga received more nutrients to increase his muscle mass, coordination and his reflexes.

All 5 gestation pods were simultaneously switched off once complete, Kainga and his brothers were not born into this world as foetuses, but as a grown adult. Now all five brothers were ready to be educated for later life. Lessons included every day tasks such as numeracy, litracy, space craft and physical training.

Throughout this time Kainga kept close with his brothers, doing nearly everything together - the five soon became inseparable.


Hired by Black Sun, Kainga is currently working for Hyrotii Corporation as a Prospector.

Past Employment

Photo-shoot for a shaving product back in Year 13

Modelling Career

It was rare to find five guys that looked much alike and were so close, this sprouted a short but successful modelling career for Kainga and his fellow brothers in the late months of Year 12 and early 13.

Based on Coruscant, it was far from home and the boys stayed in hotels across the planet. After a short while of the moving around from location to location and being told what to do, Kainga decided it was time to return home.

Hardly any frames made it off the photo-shoot floor, those that did usually went to clothing brands that cycle their models frequently.

Surf Instructor

Located just a few systems from his Colony, Kainga took up residence on the coastal regions of Malicar. This gave him the opportunity to become a surf instructor, teaching sentients how to surf on the ocean waves.

This profession didn’t last long. Income wasn’t keeping up with bills and other matters that required a higher salary.