Kaja Teno

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Kaja Teno
Kaja Final A.png
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Mother Unnamed Female Togruta
Father The "Amethyst Traitor"
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year -11 Day -56
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.70 meters (excluding montrails)
Coloring Maroon Red and White
Eye Color Amethyst
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Flight Commodore
Prior Affiliation Togruta Union, Amethyst Line, Hutt Cartel
"It was all a hunt, the difference was set by the bids."
— Kaja Teno to a client at Trax Sector

Like all Togruta, Kaja is a born-hunter. Born on Day -56, Year -11. His father was a tribal hunter when Galactic Empire convoy landed in Shili system and before his mysteriously missing in an Akul hunt. As young male Togruta, he was expected to carry on his family name, but the turn of event demand him to take another road. A road that took him an eye and a father. A self-taught pilot and expert in marksmanship (especially in bow-related skill). He grows as one of patience yet deadly hunter.


Early life

Kaja born to a tribal Togruta family. His mother was a common Togruta and his father was an infamous hunter. His clan known him in an Old-Togruti name, which in Galactic Standard means "Amethyst Traitor". This name originated partly because of his family purple-eyed heritage, and mostly for what he did to his family later on. His family once respected by the Clan as his father provide the village needs, which makes little Kaja greatly respect his father.

Until one day, an Akul rampaged at the village outskirt. As one of the hunters, Kaja's father and a group of hunters set to hunt this beast before it arrives at the village. This hunt which meant only for days, turn to months, and a year passed. None of those hunters ever returned, which bring a tremendous blow to the village. Mostly to newly born Kaja.

Traitor's Heir

Several years passed after the previous event. Shili's authority had changed from Emperor's to the New Republic's Senate. The previous event not only leaves the village a big problem but also a mystery. Usually, in his village, a band of hunter will let the youngest/injured run to the village in case of an unfortunate event while the rest stay and fight. The reason is not to request reinforcement, but more to make sure their tales of the hunt not gone forgotten. But none return and the enraged family turn to be suspicious for another reason: Treason.

Among the missing hunter was the Chief of the village and his son, without them many families start claiming the succession. Soon after they turn to each other, and like a forest fire, it soon turns the whole village upside-down. Around these years, little Kaja grew into a fledgling hunter. Pushed to solve this mystery, he immediately set to his own hunt: To look for the answer to what really happens. Joining a group of the young hunter, He set out to find the Old Akul.

After months of tracking, finally, they met the beast. Looks aged, yet more dangerous than before. Thinking that the answer was right in front of their eyes, the band start attacking in a rage. The old beast proves as a worthy opponent since one by one the hunter become its prey. Finally, horror strike his mind when he saw one of his teammates clawed to death while order him to run. He unconsciously starts to run with a scream to follow his every step. It becomes far and far as he reaches out another part of the forest. He never stops running, until his steps hit a root and he stumbles. Filled with despair, he succumbs to his fear and drops to his kneel. Like it was fated, his eye found a strange object lying on a ground near him. He immediately recognizes it as a part of aged Imperial Munitions 22T4 blaster, a standard issue of Empire's trooper. His fear faded, changed into curiosity and questions.

His personal hunt last for years. Mostly try to weaken his prey with tools and hit-run strategy. As the times goes, so does his youth. Now an experienced hunter and young man, he decides the time to face his hunt has finally come. With the bow he makes under years of hunting, he follows each step of his adversaries days and nights. The finale was taking hours and with the last arrow flew, Kaja was already a full-fledged hunter within. Under the shadow of great trees, he cried in triumph. There, in his victory, he found a clue of the answer which he searches for so long. At the other side of battleground was Old Akul's nest. There, he found numerous destroyed armor suits of Emperor's Stormtrooper and a Holocron in Akul dump. From the Holocron, He learned that his father's band never met with the beast and attacked by groups of Scout Troopers beforehand. His father fought bravely and his hunting band almost killed the entire battalion, before a shadowy figure stopped him. From amazed and proud, his face turn to shock and questions fill his eyes. It is time to return to the village, he decided.

As he returns to the village, he ignores the puzzled eyes of villagers as he leaves the head of Akul at the village entrance. On the way, he met his worried mother who remains strong while her eyes are full of tears. He briefly hugs and comfort her, and continue moving as his mother see a disturbing look in his eyes. The elders shocked when he entered the chamber. His mother waits behind him, while his son starts to tell the story of his hunt. In the end, he gives the Holocron to the elders and immediately leaves the room. On Elder's hand, the Holocron project an image showed his father bow to a shadow figure and leave Shili in a starship. It was Year 11 Day 120, where Kaja leaves Shili. Bore a title "Traitor's Son", and set out to find his father.

New Republic's Pilot

R2-S5 before a flight

He once originally planned to straightly join The Empire but backed out when he found out that they did not recruit an alien (which he once think that Human and others look-alike is the Alien). Then when he transit in New Republic station around Ehosiq Sector, he found out that the Republic start a recruitment program to support their expansion to the core world. He decided to enter the program, and hope to be stationed near Galactic Empire outpost. Start out as Cadet, he finished the academy within a short time and earned the rank O-1 Pilot Officer in Starfighter Command of New Republic. He mostly acts as patrol pilot.

Here under New Republic's insignia, Kaja found his new talent as a pilot. Although not an ace, he was considered unique in his class. Especially in term of maneuverability and agility. His mentor once remarked "Other pilot may fit to lead a squadron battling Star Destroyer or rack up Tie-Fighter on his kills count, but you and your circus maneuver? I'm not surprised if you could slip under a Rancor with those A-Wing."

At this time, he befriended an R2 droids coded R2-S5. Also at some time of his service, he prized with a YT-1300 Truth—which named after the city Truth—where he doing a favor for Caral Monn of Armageddon Steel.

Freelancer, Reformist, and Rise of Amethyst Line

It is proved that a bureaucratic job is not fitting for a young and inexperienced officer. Stressed with how complicated the system and several major problems surrounding the effectiveness of New Republic's Senate, He realizes it will tremendous time for he to be assigned nearby Empire's space to find his father. Kaja decides to resign from the Starfighter Command force and instructor of New Republic Academy position. Taking his little friend R2-S5 and his prized YT-1300, he departs to numerous sectors as Freelancer. He did any jobs and contracts where he thinks provide clues to his father whereabouts. He also starts to develop a network of the client, and it spread widely to many kinds such as government, para-military, religion, trading, and more.

Working with numerous clients from the different part of the galaxy teach him how good navigation can help save more credits (and own life, more importantly). Under the tutelage of hardship and experiences, Kaja rose to a seasoned pilot.

At this time, Kaja successfully signed several contracts which later prized him with two of three renowned ships of him: YT-2000 Outsider and CR-90 Corvette Patience. His property also increases by starting a city of his own, which he later used it as a base of an underground Togruta movement to free their homeworld.

Togruta Union

One day Kaja stumble into Kamaniya Te's ads. Kamaniya is a female Togruta, who have a belief that all Togruta should return and take back Shili for it is their natural homeworld. After several contacts, Kamaniya itself invite him to actively contribute to the movement. Kaja timidly wages this invitation, for him afraid of a political issue would affect his freelance works. From there, both of them start regularly contact one of another and trade their ideology. Finally, Kaja and Kamaniya agree at one point: A home for all Togruta. The Union is more like a haven of needs rather than a political campaign. They mainly run at practical needs, rather than political one, and that's enough for him to join.

One Togruta after another start to join this movement, and Kaja start to befriend some like Valarauka Fealoke; Markus Nurok; and Deimos Laatl. The Union starts to strategically form their goals, and all of the members wait for the right time to start the gathering. Around this time, all of them including Kaja continue their works, not knowingly that Kamaniya Te disappears from public face. Several months later, they all return just to find out that Kamaniya been missing. Without Kamaniya, the Union frozen. The communication becomes astray, and some members cease their support on the Union. What left only remains of an idea. No movement, no goals.

Feeling that the idea was not entirely a sunken ship, Kaja start to gather what remains. He contacted remaining active members such as Varauka and formed new goal. A simple goal for the new Union: To help fellow Togrutan. Today, with a small number of Togruta left from Kamaniya's Union, the new shadowy Togruta Union start to gather what is needed. But until today, mystery still linger around Kamaniya's whereabouts and her movement continuity.

Amethyst Line

Amethyst Line Logo2.png
Amethyst Line Flag

Through his time helping the Togruta Union, Kaja found logistic is not the only important factor in Galaxy economy. It is an effective channel for information. At first, Kaja establishes the name only to lure his father or any information about him. But this resulted in the advertisement of his services in Galaxy's market. Knowing that he'll be at disadvantage by working alone, Kaja tries to sign in some fresh face as partners. Wandering around diverse markets and browse all job advertising he found, he stumbles to Kalin Vos. Mistaken for a fresh graduate of some house of trade, Kaja asking Kalin to be his partner. Unfortunately, at that time Kalin already work for Cavrth Cly's transportation business, one of a well-known freelancer. Disappoint yet try to be fair, both say their farewell and wish good luck for each of them. Kaja continues to find partners for his venture.

Several days after approaching Kalin Vos, Kaja surprised when Cavrth Cly contacted him. Originally he thought that the latter want to warn him about his approaching act to one of his pilots, so he hesitates at first. Surprisingly, Cavrth Cly offers a partnership for him and his two pilots: Kalin Vos and Xzar Versia. Not knowing to him, after their meeting, Kalin Vos talk to Cavrth about the meeting and possibility of a partnership.

Cavrth Cly, who already witness Kaja's hub, see this as an opportunity to form a bigger force in the galaxy's market. Kaja, who waiting for the opportunity to expand his network, did not hesitate and sealed their agreement on partnership.

Therefore, rise the new Amethyst Line. They refuse to call it a company, but mere a band of freelancers without the patriarch. Weeks after this partnership sealed, Kaja named a YV-666 he acquired from a fair trade Amethyst Four to honor his partners.

Unfortunately, after a long mission, Kaja return only to find that all the crew of Amethyst Line mysteriously disappear leaving only questions. Years after the event, Kaja met Xzar Versia, one of the missing pilots only to find that Cavrth and Kalin were killed. The two parted, while both try to uncover the mystery behind their partner's death.

Nam Hassan, Blake Dice, and the "freshmen" Hyo Titan now replaced Cavrth and the old crew as Amethyst Line new pilot. At this time, the Line also started to be recognized as a high-value venture as the networks of clients and influence never cease to grow.

The Cartel's Kagwa Gardo

While browsing for jobs in the holonet, Kaja stumbles to a piece of information on of his father. He found one testimony about a sentient called "Nosfo Luka"-which an anagram of something familiar to Kaja-by an anonymous underworld enforcer. Even though the name could be used by others with many reasonings, he somewhat feels that his father related one way or another with this Nosfo Luka. Contacting several informers from his Amethyst Network, he found two affiliations about the sentient: Galactic Empire and notorious Hutt Cartel. The Empire affiliation strengthens his suspicion, but he has no link to such faction with non-preferred alien policy. His only way is the Hutt Cartel, and he knows he needs to go deep on this. It was Day 181 of Year 14 when Kaja found Ferris Lerique recruiting ads for the Cartel, who in turn introduce him to Cartel's Majordomo Qaun Wain as a Kagwa Gardo. To protect his fellow freelancers associate from the nature of his new affiliation with the notorious Hutt Cartel he disbands the Amethyst Line, leaving behind his reputation after many years of service and ultimately his freedom.

At this time, Kaja befriended Koby Navarro. Once a fellow member of The Cartel, Navarro assigned to sister faction: Mandroxan Syndicate. Kaja as The Cartel enforcer and Navarro whom an apprentice of Orto Kai, leader of The Syndicate at that time, done many missions together as both factions try to re-start their waning business. Their mission was to provide The Syndicate with market items, and by every means necessary. When Orto Kai retires to seclusion for reason known only by both factions high offices, Navarro asked to take the mantle of leadership. At this time, Navarro asked Kaja to join him as his second-in-command which initially refused by the latter. Kaja who enters The Cartel with aims to only find information thought that high rank would restrict his movement, hence the refusal. But his stance was not last long when he found that a businessman who under the protection of The Syndicate in Tamban sector has a deep connection with the Empire. For that, he flies to Morath Nebula System to join The Syndicate. For his promotion, Kaja was awarded YT-2000 Dragon's Claw which the first production of Navarro's Syndicate.

Accident in Tamban IV

Under The Cartel, Kaja has done many odd-jobs while investigating both Nosfo Luka and his father. Not known to him that his action drew attention to someone lurking in the dark. One day Kaja flew to Aurodium Legion's space to supervise production for Mandroxan Syndicate. This mission led him to a planet Tamban IV, and what supposed a simple task turned for the worst. On the surface of Tamban IV, Kaja left The Outsider under the R2-S5 supervision and headed to nearby Cantina. He left his Imperial Munition blaster behind to avoid suspicion. After numerous contact. He successfully to organize a meeting with the businessman there before going to Mandroxan's headquarter. In that silent Cantina Kaja not only find his informant but also several Cartel's bodyguards surround him. Turned out someone in Voragga the Hutt's own office didn't like Kaja is sticking his nose around information about Nosfo Luka and accuse him as an agent for rival Hutts. Cornered, Kaja tries to explain the situation to the droid, but it seems they're not sent for interrogation.

"This is it"

Suddenly a hard swing of BD-1 Cutter comes from behind. As agile as he can, Kaja dodges to his side and knock down the attacker with his Bowcaster. Unfortunately Bowcaster not really fit for closed space combat as Kaja having a hard time to aim and dodge at the same time. Then one heavy strike knocks his Bowcaster down and forces him to use a stool as a weapon. One, and then two fell into his swing. But the third successfully block his blow and it's really unwise to hit a Gamorrean with your arms. So Kaja steps back while three remaining bodyguards try to surround him. The only option was to dodge them and run for the front door, but it may sound easier than actually doing it. He waits, wait for one of them to start to swing their weapon and hope for a chance to dodge. His breath starts heavy, but he can't hear himself among growl and rant of his assailant.

Then the swing coming from his left, a Battle Axe run fast to his neck. Kaja dodges it and without a chance to breathe, second strike coming from the front. Again he dodges it. He expects the third to come and be ready to dodge it. But he surprised to find a body as hard as moisture tank on Tatooine rammed him with rampage follows. His body thrown to bar and he was sure that he heard a broken bone.

His vision blurred, either caused by the shock or those blood pouring from his forehead. His assailant approaching, and one with spike knuckle breath heavier than the rest as the excitement arouse him. Kaja orders his leg to stand and dodge, but he only could stand helplessly. That's when an uppercut flies toward him. He tries to dodge as adrenaline surge, but his body only moved by a thread and not enough to avoid the small blade on attacker glove. It shreds skins around his right eye and sent him to fly to back. He feels an agonized pain as hot blood flows through his eye. A surge of trauma wake his body, and he uses all of his strength screaming. His eyes are heavy and throbbing pain seize his right eye. All his world turn red hue, and finally fading. The beast approaching, "This is it" Kaja resigned to his fate.

Suddenly a sound of blaster shooting and fading growl fills the room, then follows by many voices of destruction. But the only sound Kaja heard only his sound, and when his eyes feel burned so great his consciousness starts to wane. At the last moment, he saw dead bodies of gammorean and a shadow figure standing between them. One moment later, all dark.

The One-Eyed Hunter

Kaja, Year 14

Kaja awoke within one of The Outsider's compartments. Just as he regained consciousness, all pains and memory of the fight rushed out. Sore on his back, broken arms, bruises on head and legs, and the most devastating was his right eye. He lost his sight. He wants to cry out desperately, but realize he does not even have the strength. Kaja sunk to his bed, staring at the compartment ceiling. That's when R2-S5 comes in and beep-ing desperately.

"It sounds nice, but its close to being dead my friend," Kaja answered to his little friend. R2-S5 then replied angrily and concerning his current state. The droid then tells the story how it tries to find Kaja when he was not returning to the ship after 2 days missing. Kaja realizes that accident at the cantina was several weeks ago, and he may unconscious as long as that. Based on the droid story, someone brings him to the ship while it searches the city for him. By the time it returns to the ship, Kaja already placed within the compartment with a stable condition. R2-S5 then try to check Outsider security camera and found all ship's log data already tampered. All of it sounds threatening, but somehow Kaja felt a gratitude for anyone who treats his wound.

After minutes of dizziness and struggle to accept his new-yet-distorted vision, Kaja finally has the strength to deal with his situation. Someone brings him back to his ship, and it means that someone has access to the ship's cockpit. With his little strength, Kaja headed to the cockpit and checking the whole terminal. His fear becomes a reality: all records for both Nosfo Luka and his father are missing, not even the backup survive the total wipe out. Not only that, almost all the terminals already been tampered and reprogrammed. Knowing that this means a risk to all Outsider's movement by a possible installed tracker in the system, Kaja sank down to the cockpit seat with R2-S5 beeped slowly beside him. They are back to the square one.

A New Vision

[Record not found]

Return to New Republic

500980 2.png
Pilot Officer Teno, Year 18

It was Year 18 Day 46, in the wake of the event, Kaja re-enlists as New Republic Starfighter pilot. He believes this is the path he should choose. His beliefs were wrong once, and it may wrong again. Nevertheless, he took it. He knows, his father will.

His recruiters were the former Chief of State Taka Aioko and he studies under the tutelage of Headmaster Cordin Siprus. Among his classmate was Trunx Nervo, Jovan Drark, and Rhok Bowchang. At that time, High Marshall Evan Cornforth was Chief of Starfighter Command and he was tutored directly by Wing Commander Manhu Ranger for his piloting lesson. That year was the change of many faces in the New Republic. Orion Chran was elected Chief of State early that year. High Admiral Helix Falks was Chief of Military Operation back then, and Kaja witnesses when he passed the torch to High General Jin Solas sometimes later. By the time he graduates from New Republic Academy the second time, he thought his young self-years ago. But instead a graduation ceremony and days of sweeping and fixing on the hangar, now he directly got missions. He resumes his old rank, a Pilot Officer, the lowest of those starfighters pilot within the rank. His mission varies from scouting, logistics, training officers, and more. His droid friend, which now officially re-commissioned by the New Republic Armed Force, accompany him throughout those missions.

Flight Lieutenant and Bloody Bone Case

[Record not found]

Personality and traits

As a born-hunter, Kaja is an expert marksman and stealth. With this trait comes patience and composed-nature, where this became the most trait loved by his superior in the New Republic and clients back in his freelance time. His great patience and composure were seen from whether in his hunt for Akul or when he finishes a transport job for his clients. This trait of him usually gives more benefit when it comes to service payment, where satisfied client usually praises his ability to "not ask too much, yet splendid work." He also shows little interest in any kind of cash possession, where he usually ask for possession of items as payment. Perhaps this trait could be traced back to Togruta traditional way of barter as trade system.

He, like all Togrutas, excelled at teamwork and the ability to associate with people due to his tribal culture background. To an extent, Togruta had an aversion to isolation and made extra efforts for companionship (both for social or hunting band). This led to the trusted relation between him and his first partner, R2-S5, and help him greatly to found the Amethyst Line.

He usually seen equipped with traditional Togruta Sash bound with Akul teeth. These Akul teeth are not from his manhood passage, but from the Akul his father hunted. His trademark weapon is a Bowcaster and an old Imperial Munitions 22T4 blaster.