Kalin Vos

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Kalin Vos
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Born Year -20 Day 78
Died Year 13 Day 234
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Eye Color Black
Political Information


Little is known about Kalin Vos's early life. He holds his past to him and keeps it a secret from even his closest friends.

Through findings his birthday has been uncovered and the origin of the scar on his face.


When Kalin was young early in his career he was a Kiffar Guardian and ended up getting into a skirmish while protecting a village, his eye was slashed with a vibroblade leaving a scar upon his eye and cheek.

Meeting Kali Cly

In Year 10 Kalin Vos had been working as a private bounty hunter and excepted an offer from Hutt Cartel crime lord Kash Morlev to kill Kali Cly.

Kalin had tracked the young girl for months watching her moves waiting to strike when one day he tracked her to a small village on Tatooine. He followed her into a tavern and tried to surprise her by slashing at her but little to his knowledge, her brother, Cavrth Cly watched and stopped the attack. Kalin had to flee.

Kalin kept watching the brother and sister combo but over months of doing recon he ended up developing feelings for the girl. He couldn't help himself and he went to confront her. He kidnapped her one night and vowed to protect her, apologizing and telling her why he was hired.

Kalin swore to protect her from any oncomers though Cavrth was very weary of him still.

Months later they were trapped in a tavern by Kara Hess, Kalin was shot and unconscious while Kara murdered Kali. Kalin woke up in time to save the body and flee.


Cavrth returned to kill Kalin blaming him for Kali's murder but found that it was Kara who had committed the act. The two swore to bring her down and plotted against her.

They trapped her upon Vos's ship Vos's Pride and the two numerously stabbed Kara to her death. Vos wanting to remember this moment took a souvenir from her body to hold her accountable and to remind her of the great loss he suffered because of her.


Lately Kalin Vos has been known to travel with fellow trader and now friend Cavrth Cly, as well as Xzar Versia, running a smuggling business throughout the galaxy though Cavrth still tries to find out more of his past, Vos has yet to divulge any useful information eluding the questions most time as if keeping many hidden secrets.


While flying in the transport business Cavrth was brutally murdered after he had been sneaking around asking too many questions. Vos decided to leave the business and go in search of the killers of Cly using his old contacts in the Hutt Cartel and The Wraiths. Vos flew out to the ship where Cly's remains were found and confirmed the death. He sent news to Xzar Versia and both went into hiding in the outskirts of the universe but when Vos tried to get information from one of his contacts in the Wraiths he was betrayed and murdered. Vos's body still remains aboard one of the Wraith ships, Xzar's whereabouts are unknown to this day.