Kana Aevum

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Kana Aevum
Kana Aevum.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse N/A
Siblings Unknown
Children N/A
Born Year -12 Day 175
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Positions Dynast of Baikh'vair Clan
Director of Military (Commonality)
Director (Eclipse BactaCo)
Administrator of Infrastructure (Eclipse BactaCo)
Prior Affiliation Eclipse BactaCo

Kana Aevum is the chosen name for a Hapan male born (Year -12 Day 175) into the nobility of a family that was murdered on Hapes Prime. The memory of that night is all that remains of his early childhood, an event which left him without so much as a name to associate himself to, he was sold into slavery as a mute thereby all but insuring he would never connect to his heritage.

He would eventually be given a name defined by those he was enslaved with, and much later in life would take up a family name to honor a woman for whom brought him some measure of peace.


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Work History


Early Childhood

(Year -12 to -7)

Little is known about this point in time for a (then) small hapan child. Born into nobility, his existence has been all but erased from a family that he believes no longer exists. At the tender age of five standard years, just old enough to retain conscious memories, a series of events would take place that would forever deny him any chance of a "normal" life in society.

Late one evening he snuck out of his bedroom for some juice, if he had been a good little boy that night he might never have known differently...strange people wearing masks crept through the place and murdered everyone they found, his parents were dragged yelling and screaming into the hall and executed before his eyes as he tried to hide. It wasn't long before the house seemed quiet, no more screaming, no more loud noises, the masked figures didn't seem to be looking for him...they were pouring strange liquids on everything and then they left. He crawled out of his hiding place and went to the still forms of his parents, he tried to make them wake up but they wouldn't listen to his cries....it wasn't until he started choking that he noticed how hot the room was getting, the air was blackening and becoming heavy....he could barely breathe and he didn't know what to do, the last thing he would see was the boots of a masked figure walking towards him....then there was nothing.

For all intents and purposes, a small hapan child died that day in a fire along with his family. Life is not always so merciful, at times it can be outright cruel...for a boy that survived this would prove especially true as the events of a single night would be etched into his mind forever.

Departure from "Home"

Nothing would have been left of a small boy left amongst the flames of the place he knew as his home, unconscious from the smoke filling his lungs as he lay on a floor littered with corpses and blood....fate would seem to have something else in mind for him.

Those responsible for the events of that night were being thorough to make sure there was nothing left behind which would link to them, taking their time to check places they had been even as the mansion burned around them....one of them would find a small boy laying across the dead. Whether as an act of morality or a planned part of what took place, the child was taken away and sold to the owners of an outgoing vessel transporting slaves. Told that he was the son of a noble house, the slavers were keen to see a profit on their purchase made in a ransom and would stabilize him until they docked with their carrier. Unfortunately by the time they arrived, he had slipped into a coma and they were forced to spend the next few days providing expensive medical treatment to restore the health.

Reunion of Life

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Shadow of The Eclipse

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Renewal of Life

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Another Light Fades...

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Director of Commonality Militarized Forces
Preceded By:
Skyla Pendragon
Kana Aevum
Year 13 Day 218 — Present
Succeeded By:
Director of Eclipse BactaCo
Preceded By:
Ayame Aevum
Kana Aevum
Year 12 Day 270Year 13 Day 120
Succeeded By:
Administrator of Infrastructure, Eclipse BactaCo
Preceded By:
Kana Aevum
Year 12 Day 195Year 13 Day 120
Succeeded By: