Kashyyyk (System)

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Kashyyyk System.png
General information
Sector Mytaranor
Galactic Coordinates (210, 90)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 7
Suns 1
Moons 2
Asteroid Fields 2
Controlled By New Republic
Astrographic Entry Kashyyyk

The Kashyyyk system is located in the Mytaranor sector controlled by the New Republic. Both the Trandoshan and the Wookiee race hail from this system.


Planet Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controller
Shur (3, 14) gas giant 19x19 54,163,508 New Republic
Kashyyyk (8, 8) temperate/breathable 18x18 501,765,699 Wookiee New Republic
Taakarroo (8, 5) hot/breathable 13x13 63,608,557 New Republic
Alaris (10, 13) gas giant 19x19 88,514,672 New Republic
Trandosha (12, 6) temperate/breathable 15x15 84,047,630 Trandoshan New Republic
Kallalarra (3, 5) hot/toxic atmosphere 5x5 3,810,510 New Republic
Kuhurrik (12, 18) gas giant 16x16 12,582,088 New Republic