Keyukep Xiuhcoatl

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Keyukep Xiuhcoatl.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Born Year -10 Day 308
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8" / 172.7cm
Coloring Turquoise (Rutain)
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Believed to be born Year -10 Day 308. Keyukep Xiuhcoatl, is a rare turquoise Twi'lek of Rutian descent. She bears an intricately patterned tribal tattoo, leading down her neck, across the whole of her upper chest and continuing into two inward facing skulls adorning each of her shoulders. Despite its complexity and obvious deeper meaning, its origin or significance are unknown to her, having little knowledge of her life before the age of 14.

Like most Twi'lek females she has a natural slender yet athletic phisyque. She routinely works out in order to kep her body at the peek of physical fitness and is proud to show it off if she so desires. Strong willed and rebellious in nature she is not one to shy away from what others would consider taboo. She is very flirtatious and sexual in her manner but also respectful and tactful with it. Although considered promiscuous she is very choosy with whom she allows to get close. Her affection does not come cheep and it is always on her terms.

Regarded as average height by the galactic humanoid standard Keyukep is considered small in relation to her race average. Standing at a meer 5' 8" tall. She is deceptionally strong for her size and extremely agile.

Skilled in the martial art form knowns as Teräs Käsi she is not only a lethal combatant with her bare hands but also capable of shielding her mind from mental attacks.

With a calm and calculating mind, endless patience and an exceptional reaction time her marksmanship is second only to the highest trained snipers of the galactic governments and those enhanced by cybernetic modifications.

On the field she uses a range of weapons to fit the given situation. Among her favourites are her custom built Force Pike, the all round DLT 20a and the A280 for long range. She also keeps a Valken-38 Carbine close to hand, given to her by a former lover and a scout blaster for situations when that up close and personal touch is called for.


A Shrouded Past.

Describes as a suppressed memory or a mental block, Keyukep has no recollection of her early life but has endeavoured to uncover the veil which shrouds her mind. Over time she has sought out those highly skilled in the force to induce a trance like state designed to help relax and unlock the mind. Of all those who have tried few have succeeded and what has been brought to light, although menacing and dark has not dissuaded Keyukep from her goal. These fragmented visions, sometimes no more than what can be described as feelings, have no form, pattern or reason and have shed no light on her past of yet.

Teräs Käsi.

Keyukep's first memories are of the Nahu’alti, a small underground cult with whom she spent her teenage years.

Hidden and largely unknown to Ryloth, the Nahu’alti like many spiritual cults, were a secluded group which used martial arts training as a form of steadying and calming the mind, body and soul of troubled youths. Their numbers consisted of all female Twi’leks, with those heading the cult adequately adept in the force. Trained in many forms of martial arts every student was taught a broad spectrum of techniques tailored to the individuals needs. With Keyu’kep, as she was known by her Twi’lek name, a great emphasis was put on the form known as Teräs Käsi, in particular the art of closing the mind to the force, thus creating a protective barrier from mental attacks. With no knowledge of her past the Nahu’alti sought to block what they did not understand in an attempt to protect her from what they did not know. Not understanding the effect this would have on her future ambitions Keyu’kep trusted there judgement and spent the next 5 years of her life dedicated to the Nahu'alti and the ways of Teräs Käsi. During those peaceful years Keyu'kep became proficient in her form. She quickly surpassed the other students and began to approach a level equivalent to those of her peers. She learnt to focus and still her mind and as if by nature took to force suppression techniques with startling ease.

Black Sun


Bounty Hunting

Dark Skies


KX Premium Twi'quila Bunny.

Abomination Squad