Khraik Skhalor

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Khraik Skhalor
Khraik Skhalor Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Languages Anzati (Native)
  • Barabel
  • Basic
  • Bocce
  • Defel
  • Dosh
  • Hapan
  • Honoghran
  • Huttese
  • Kaleesh
  • Mando'a
  • Shyriiwook (Not Spoken)
Religion Krath
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.86 m
Weight 91 kg
Coloring Tanned
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Political Information

Khraik Skhalor is an Anzati Force-user.


As an Anzati, Khraik Skhalor could easily be mistaken for a human. Standing 1.86 metres tall and weighing 91 kilograms, he falls well within human norms. His tanned skin and dark brown hair are common as well. Even the amber color of his eyes, while rare, exists in standard human stock. Only the small slits in the skin below the point of his cheekbones betray his heritage.

Khraik is strong, but not bulky, with musculature reminiscent of a prize fighter. He moves with the fluidity of a trained warrior and scans his surroundings frequently.


Khraik's usual attire consists of a orange flight suit with black trim. With the flight suit he wears a black belt and split-toed combat boots. When expecting combat, Khraik wears multi-layered durasteel-grey armor over a flight suit.

He always carries a lightsaber, usually with a ELG-3A blaster pistol as a backup.