Kilian Delmarco

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Kilian Delmarco
Biographical Information
Race Diathim (formerly Human)
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Darlene [Torand] Delmarco
Father Sullivan Delmarco [Estranged]
Spouse Rawth Shacklefist [Divorced]

Dakha Rednax [Deceased]

Siblings Eugene Delmarco
Bridgette Delmarco
Renesmee Delmarco
Children Tarq`uinn Hlaalu Rannosek [Deceased]

Kesloa Vansic Rednax [Deceased]
Araiya Millicent Delmarco
Rex Delmarco

Born Y -8 D 218
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Coloring Tan
Eye Color Color changing
Political Information
Affiliation Crepan

Growing up

A young Eugene and Kilian.
Eugene and Kilian

Kilian was born on the planet of Tatooine to two loving parents, Sullivan and Darlene Delmarco. She, with her older brother Eugene, were raised in a very strict imperial home. Her father was always teaching them the importance of furthering human kind. He himself had been in the Imperial military as a younger man until an injury prohibited him from helping any longer. Her father had been offered cybernetics to allow him to stay in service, but he refused, stating that he would rather live without his leg than become less human. He then decided to spend the rest of his days farming moisture and fixing speeders and ships when he could.

Kilian's mother was a devout Imperial as well, but not nearly as forceful about it as her father. Her mother had always felt that even though Aliens were lesser than humans, they should still be treated with kindness.

While her father disliked Aliens, he would still offer to do their repairs, though at a higher price than normal. It was during these interactions that Kilian began to learn that perhaps Aliens weren't the monsters her father had made them out to be. Of course, some of their appearances frightened her, but more often than not she had found herself curious.

First Encounter

Some time after her 6th birthday, an alien that she had never seen before, nor one that her father had heard of, appeared at the shop. His slender body and long neck, as well as his tall stature were noticed by many. Kilian had usually tried to stay out of the way while her father worked, but she was too intrigued to just sit by. While her father worked late into the evening, she stole away to find the sentient, locating him where he usually stayed, in the cockpit. She had taken him by surprise, but fortunate for her, he was not hostile. Their first meeting had been full of questions; what he was, why he was here, if he was, in fact, an alien. She was full of queries and he was more than happy to answer them.

For four years, Kilian and the Kaminoan Vansic Helranth, would spend time together whenever he came to Tatooine. He would bring her treats and tell her stories of his travels while she would tell him of her time at school or all the things that her father had be attempting to teach her. The two were becoming thick as thieves, their time together always seeming shorter than the last. For her 10th birthday, Vansic gifted her with a communication device that linked straight to him, knowing that he would not be stopping on the planet as much as he had in the past.

Over the years, the two of them had formed a bond that began to develop into more of a father/daughter relationship, one that was better than the relationship she had with her biological father. To say that she and Sullivan had a strained relationship would be putting it mildly. She had not told her father, or anyone besides her brother, about her communications with Vansic, though he had known the two to speak politely when Vansic would stop to get his ship inspected. Sullivan was furious and strongly suggested Kilian cease any further conversations with the Kaminoan. Kilian reluctantly obeyed, and for quite some time, severed ties with her dear friend.


A snapshot of Kilian's home

Though they had fairly different views on things, Kilian and Eugene had always been close, even with their four year age difference. When they were not spending time helping out with the moisture farm, or pursuing their own hobbies, the two would spend hours together. Their time on Tatoonie was all they had known, though they had always imagined what it would be like off of their dusty planet.

On Eugene's 24th birthday, he decided he needed to see things for himself. His announcement had caused an uproar in the household. Kilian understood her brother, she too wanted to be free, but their parents did not. Her father screamed and fussed at Eugene, saying that he was not allowed to leave for it was he who was to inherit the moisture farm. Sullivan ranted on for what seemed like hours to her brother about the dangers of the galaxy, and how he, with all his Imperial training had barely survived, so how did Eugene expect to make it. Her mother too was distraught, not knowing how to deal with Sullivan's rage or Eugene wanting to leave home. After all was said and done, Eugene was disowned from the family with threats of physical harm should he ever return.

Kilian's main support was gone, and she had been left on shaky ground. She had friends and even a lover, but they couldn't understand. Many of them had signed up to join the empire, but out of a sense of duty, not to sight see or make a name for one's self. They felt Eugene was selfish and many distanced themselves because of it. She was hurt, but she wondered if this had been the sign she was looking for. Her ties from the planet were the only things holding her there, but now, with most of those severed, she was free to do as she pleased.

She wished she could be brave like Eugene and tell her parents that she was leaving, but she was always hesitant. Her father's anger had always led her to double think things, so she waited until the opportune time which came sooner than expected.


After Eugene had left and her father's rage had subsided, things were quiet in her home. She continued to help her parents with their moisture farm, always wondering if she'd ever hear from Eugene again or if she would ever make the move to leave the way he had done. It wasn't long before she received a message from Eugene on the communicator gifted to her from Vansic asking her if she was interested in running a small tavern. She wasn't, but that didn't matter, she was interested in starting a new life, and if that included running a tavern to help make it happen, then she would gladly do so.

Kilian waited a few days before announcing that she was leaving, doing so with a bag in hand. She didn't own much, so packing was easy, it was this part that would be hardest. Her father, though having a temper, usually tried to keep it reigned while speaking to her. She blamed this on the fact that she was a girl and thus he felt she couldn't take it like Eugene could. That had always bothered her. This time, however, there was no speaking. Her father only looked at her, then turned his back, as if she were no longer there. Her mother could only cry silent tears, having lost another child to curiosity. Now that the final ties were severed, it was time to start anew.

It took her a few weeks to get to the coordinates that Eugene had given her. Using what little credits she had, she hitched ride after ride, most pilots only traveling within sectors of her current planet. She was becoming more exposed to the galaxy, and most of it amazed her. There were many races that she had never encountered, and had the unfortunate habit of staring too long as a result. One such occasion nearly got her into a fight, one that she would not have won.

Kilian was running on low, physically, monetarily and mentally. She wondered if all sentients started out this way, being forced to take a crash course on life in the galaxy. Kilian decided to play it safe from now now and stick with human pilots. It was a few days after this decision that she met an older man with silver eyes who used a cane for support. He was nice enough to give her a lift even though she had little money to her name. She was grateful and started to feel hopeful again about her journey into a mostly hostile unknown.

Unexpected Circumstances

Kilian was surprised, and more than a little annoyed, when she finally arrived at the tavern her brother had spoken so much about. One thing that he neglected to mention was that it was mostly rundown and needed more than a little elbow grease to get things back on track. The outside didn't need much work, just a good hosing down and some paint, the inside, however, was another matter entirely. An inch thick layer of dirt and dust coated the floor while paint fled the walls, dripping down in jagged, shredded strips. The tables were all either broken or flipped over, but most were salvageable. The chairs and stools maintained their original shape, save one that was busted to pieces inches from where she stood.

Crestfallen, she trudged through the dust and placed her bag on the table. She thought about the things she left behind and her reasons for coming out here. The problems she seemed to face back home seemed insignificant now, but there was no going back. For the first time in a long time, she cried. She continued to cry until a sound caught her attention and her neck snapped towards it. Another being had joined her in the tavern. He was tall and had an odd red face, one that she had not encountered before. It looked leathery and he seemed to have small horns around his eyes and chin.

Kilian wondered what as well as who he was and how he had found her. She hadn't been crying loud enough to be audible to the outside, or at least she thought she wasn't. She spoke to him, but he only stared back at her. She wondered if he understood her. As he started walking towards her, her own temper began to flare. She realized as she began yelling at the being that he could very well attack her and her trip would be over sooner than anticipated, but she kept up. She recounted her time getting to this new planet and the moments just before he had arrived to the sentient. The room became quiet again, once she had finished speaking and the dust had settled from her occasional boot stomp.

After a few moments of silence, he spoke a few words in a language she did not understand. Her shoulders fell and she began to feel like all her words had been lost. It was then that the being pulled out a device that she had only seen a few times and began to type something on it. Satisfied with it, he ventured closer, handing her the device. She looked at him, then looked down at the green screen, which, to her surprise, was in basic:

You have many problems. This one, I can fix. Shall we proceed?

She raised a brow at the message, not quite understanding which problem he was referring to. He must have noticed, because it was then that he carefully turned one of the tables right-side up. More tears came, but she ignored the feeling to address them and began to help her new companion.

Faith once again restored, she began to accept her new role in the life she chose. She was not thrilled with what it took to get here and the things that had occurred, but she would not let that keep her from moving forward. She had forgotten that until the Nikto had appeared and offered her a much needed helping hand and a new perspective. The two made a lot of progress as the weeks went on, and it was then that Kilian decided to open the doors to paying customers.

The Drunken Bucket

Though the renovations to the tavern were not yet complete, she decided to start up the business. By this time, her brother had returned to the tavern, surprised to see the place in a mostly cleaned state as well as being staffed by an alien. His welcome was probably not as warm as he had anticipated either. Kilian was furious. As his sister, she had expected him to greet her when she arrived, and at the very least given her a droid to help in the clean up. Through profuse apologizing and the gift of a Quasar class capital ship, she eventually forgave her brother, though he was by no means off the hook.

She took full advantage of having another set of hands to help her get ready. She also had Eugene pick out alcohol that he wanted to serve, as well as help come up with a menu. Though he whined and often times ignored her, she was determined to at least get this part done with him. Luckily for them, the name of the tavern did not need choosing, as it had carried on from it's previous owner: The Drunken Bucket. The two also came up with a list of rules for the tavern. Kilian knew that if she were to come up with them herself, no one would come. They were both sticklers, but her brother had a tendency to be a little more lax with things sometimes.

After Eugene had once again left for more business ventures, she continued her cleaning efforts. Since there wasn't much more that she and the Nikto could do with out professionals, she changed his role from helper to bouncer, figuring that soon, customers would start coming in and if there were any unruly ones, someone would have to take care of them. At first the Nikto was hesitant, but after giving it a few days to think about, he accepted her offer, though still helped with maintenance from time to time.

One such time came when two hooligans came into her bar, seemingly looking for trouble. One was tall and red, a slightly brighter shade than her Nikto friend, and he also had two horns on the top of his head. The other tall and blue, with piercing red orbs for eyes. They wasted no time making more noise than she was accustomed to and being more than a little obnoxious. She tolerated it until the blue one spat on her floor. It was at this time that she had had enough. Narrowing her eyes, she suggested both of them leave her establishment. It was then that the blue one started to change his tune, so much so as to become apologetic, but she would hear none of it and called the Nikto to her. Neither looking for a fight, both left almost as quickly as they had arrived.

Kilian had begun cleaning glasses and the Nikto had pulled out a mop to clean up the mess when both returned minutes later. She could hardly believe it. The Nikto has moved to intercept him, but the red one, called Asmo Bodan, spoke quickly, stating that his friend Rawth was sorry for his actions and would make it up to her by washing his dishes. Rawth seemed surprised that he would do such a thing, but Kilian, seeing this as another set of helping hands, quickly accepted the offer.

The weeks that followed proved her new helper, Rawth Shacklefist, to be more of a nuisance than actual help and she soon regretted agreeing to the deal. The Chiss would lounge around mostly, carving things out of pieces of wood that he found around the tavern. Sometimes he would even wipe off a table, but only one, and usually the same one. If that weren't enough, the Devaronian would also make appearances, causing mayhem each time. He broke a chair, always made a mess in her kitchen with his “cooking”, and blew up her chimney. Most times, he paid for the damage, which was the only reason she allowed him to come back at all.

Throughout the days that followed many new faces would come and go. A leader of a conglomerate, her old pilot friend, a couple of Mandalorians and two pink beings that caused more trouble then they were worth.