King of the Hapes Consortium Abdicates

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Posted by Alex Tylger on Year 14 Day 333

From the Royal Hapan Palace Fountain Palace in Chume`Dan Palace Compound on Hapes (152, 106).

Lorell Hall

Chume'Dan, Hapes Prime (HNN) (GNS) - Expectations in the Hapes Consortium were high yesterday as King Alexander called for a special session of the Grand Council of the Hapan parliament, Lorell Hall. The event summoned hundreds of representatives and dignitaries from all Hapes Cluster planets to the throne world for what was the monarch's first broadcast address in a year. The King had long been rumoured to have been ill, making sparse public appearances at select ceremonial occasions, and had appointed a Lord Regent to conduct the day to day affairs of state in his stead.

Accompanied by the usual pomp and circumstance that has characterised the Hapan government for centuries, the King delivered a short and candid speech to the assembly and viewers at home, where he announced that he would abdicate the throne, effective tonight. After giving an account of the process undertaken to prepare for his announcement, the King explained his reasons for the decision, stating the following:

"The matter of abdication had been something weighing on Our mind for quite some time now, in part due to Our prolonged and involuntary absence from the affairs of state. We have felt that for the sake of the Hapes Consortium and the integrity of the Crown, it is best that We abdicate the Throne in favour of a successor whose health and spirit allows them to commit fully to the responsibilities associated with the title and position. Rest assured that this was not a decision taken easily or lightly without thorough consideration, and all viable alternatives were discussed in full."

King Alexander Tylger Abdicates.png

The Hapan News Network broadcast the address live yesterday.

The official Declaration of Abdication act was then recited in full, announcing Zayth Kadrim, Minister (Fel'da) of Intelligence and Grand Duke (Tarix) of Ediorung as the successor. A former retainer of House Tylger, Kadrim has been a senior member of the Hapan government for nine years, seven of which have been served on the Royal Council in various capacities, primarily as Minister of Intelligence, but with a brief time as Prime Minister and interludes as Royal Advisor. Previously an obscure and taciturn figure, he will be the Hapes Consortium's 103rd monarch and its fourth male ruler. It was only forty years ago that the signing of the Gallinore Accords, which concluded the Hapan Civil War, revolutionised traditional gender roles."

Zayth Kadrim

The King concluded his address by thanking senior representatives of the Consortium's government and armed forces, expressing his gratitude to the Hapan peoples for their loyalty and faith in his leadership over the years, and also commenting on the importance of putting the welfare of the people above all else.

Alexander Tylger, who had previously been a career military officer and long time conservative political figure in the Consortium government for the better part of a decade, became the Hapan monarch in Year 11 following the abdication of King James. The beginning of his reign was marked by Hapan involvement in military actions outside the Hapes Cluster such as the Cron Conflict, Taboon, and smaller operations in concert with the Trade Federation, which led many to believe that the Consortium would be breaking with the traditional semi-isolationist policies. However, the Hapans quickly reverted to their old ways and have been largely concerned with their own internal affairs, save for their previous affiliation to the Imperial Union and presently the Galactic Concordiate. During his speech, Tylger declared his intention to retire to his native home in the Zadaria system and return to his scholarly work related to Hapan history and culture, once the rite of succession is completed.

Political analysts and experts on the workings of the Hapan government have stated that the choice of successor is "safe." In contrast to the queen mothers of old, who tended to pass the throne - peacefully or otherwise - on to their issue or allied noble houses, the post-war kings have had a tradition of choosing an established career politician of noble heritage to succeed them. The consensus is that the choice of Kadrim means the conservative hawks will still dominate politics on Hapes for the foreseeable future.

Kadrim assumes executive powers today and has already addressed the Consortium's allies, affirming his commitment to all existing treaties. The official coronation ceremony is expected to take place sometime in the coming weeks.

[View the full declaration of abdication here.]