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System Kinyen
Sector Farrfin
Galactic Coordinates (-100, -10)
System Coordinates (0, 2)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: grassland, ocean, river, volcanic, rock
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 19,958,867 inhabitants
Controlled By Trade Federation
Governor Duceroy Olwin Froon
Magistrate Duceroy Olwin Froon
Sentient Races Gran


Kinyen is the home planet of the Gran race. The planet itself boasts large and rolling grasslands, a dense and beautiful forest, and one of the longest and clearest rivers in the sector. The beauty of this planet, which boasts almost no natural predators, has helped the Gran develop strong bonds of home and family in their race. Grans also mate for life, and as such it is rare for any Gran to leave his or her planet of origin once they have taken a mate. The Grans are also very protective of their families, and make some of the best parents in the galaxy. This is because of their very powerful and sensitive sight, which can sense the emotions of their mates and their children. With such close bonds formed throughout the Gran community it isn't surprising that they concentrate their cities into very small areas, so they are never out of touch with their many relatives. The two main cities are Kinyen Prime on the north continent and Hekaras on the south.

These cities, while hosting a majority of the population of Kinyen, also host the small government of the Gran. The government is a lose group of delegates from the major Gran families who usually control different aspects of Gran society. One delegate is selected randomly every three and a half standard years to be the leader of this group. It is only due to the very peaceful sensibilities of the Gran race that this system works at all. Indeed in most of recorded history there has never been a major conflict between Grans.

From negotiating the terms of the Gran joining the Old Republic, to the rise of the Galactic Empire and the Gran protests against it, the government of the Gran has controlled many aspects of Gran society for a very long time. Mostly the Gran have accepted this government, the one exception being the Gran colonies on Hok and Malastare. Feeling they were destroying too many families, and diluting the Gran race, the government asked all Gran to stay on Kinyen. This protected the Gran society, but it also isolated the Gran on Hok and Malastare who had begun to form strong bonds to their new homes. As such these colonies have since formed governments of their own, and are seen by many Gran on Kinyen as outcasts or undesirables.

Oftentimes, families of Gran would adopt the native Houjix as pets. [1]

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