Kiran Malestrom

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Kiran Malestrom
Biographical Information
Race Rodian
Homeworld Rodia
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Coloring Green
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Dread
Zann Consortium
Rank Dread Immortal
Cell Leader
Positions Defiler
Prior Affiliation Dark Star Hellions


A mostly shadowy Rodian Kiran Malestrom met Ximaro Jix inside prison when the gang was still taking shape. With fondness for covert work , distribution of drugs, and theft , Kiran was brought into the Hellions prison gang after impressing the largely Falleen leadership of Hellions including Ximaro . Once Malestrom was released he entered Granse Confederacy subcontracting his skills along with his new found family. Following the rise of Dark Star Hellions swoop gang Kiran with his strong skills would became one of the founding 13 brothers of DSH.

The Rodian's Participation

More subtle than the majority of the boisterous Hellions, Kiran was involved in the purging of The Smugglers Alliance which ultimately lead to the groups destruction . In addition Malestrom has remained one of few members of the outlaw group sticking to the shadows along with Zann Consortium present crime lord Ximo Jobal .

During the creation of the Dark Star Hellions Nomad Chapter Malestrom served as the first Vice President of the Nomad Chapter until eventually choosing to be just a Nomad patch, stripping himself of any official rank beyond being a founding brother. He later disappeared into unknown regions for some time until during the events which lead Xakic Jix and Hellions rogues to break off into Alliance Special Operations . It was during this chaos Kiran entered into Zann Consortium becoming a Defiler and Cell Leader falling back on his skills in intel gathering . Using these skills Malestrom ran a cell to monitor the Hellions traitors activities in ASO and their allies, until the conflict had ended.

In more recent times Kiran has been sighted around Dread acting as a quartermaster and shadow dealer for the pirate crew.

Black Marketeer and strict Profiteer

Kiran is known among the Dread pirates for his insatiable appetite for all things that create a profit and as such keeps his hands in all forms of business that create revenue from selling secrets, stealing secret stashes and placing them on various dark markets. Understanding his criminal ties continue to create a road block for some of his transactions , Kiran is rumored to have to be stepped into the realm of legitimate profit making to increase his trade reputation among commerce organizations since sometime in Year 17.