Komik Ki

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Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Mother Reka Zel
Father Koback Ki
Partner Single
Siblings Pik Ki, Kuuda Ki
Born Y2 CGT D116 (Age 19)
Died Y22 CGT D47
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5’2” or 157.5cm (Before Montrals)
Weight 140lbs or 63.5kg (Incl. Montrals)
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Cor Sec

Early Childhood

At 3, the Kis were visiting the Zels and the men of the family went hunting. Curious, Komik followed them stealthily. The toddler tripped over a log that the men had easily missed and fell into an Aak Dog den. He landed on a pup, killing it instantly and softening his own fall, but the mother let out a growl. The small boy was frightened for a moment, but when she sank her teeth into his hand, ripping some fingers off of his right hand, his fear turned to anger. He grabbed a rock off the ground and started beating her head. Her skull cracked as the howls of the Aak dogs surrounded little Komik. Blaster fire lit the air as the hunting party found the small bloody child and rescued him, no one realizing that he had killed the mother Aak dog alone and without a true weapon. Over the next few months he clung to life, barely making it.

After healing, the boy started to train himself. At 5, he would kill small prey for fun, enjoying seeing the life fade from their eyes as they died. One morning, he snuck back in and his twin sister was awake already, and she had found his stash of trophies - bones from his kills. She looked angry, and threatened to tell on him if he didn't take her next time. From then on, the twins would hunt together for the rest of their youth.

Late Childhood

At 10, Kuuda would let Komik hunt alone as she had come to enjoy going to work early with their father. Much like his sister, Komik was starting to take an interest in the opposite sex as well, and his first crush was a sweet little girl named Luluu. As the adults around him supplied what the city needed, Komik learning their ways. He noticed that the elderly were taken care of, but the lazy and undesirables were banished, sent to small colonies or other cities. Wanting to avoid that, Komik started to work towards helping the adults with vital tasks. By the time he was 11, he had learned that killing for fun was frowned upon, but it didn't change that he enjoyed it. One day, he took Luluu hunting with him, and told her the truth - that he enjoyed the fun of the kill, not just the food from it. Luluu was repulsed and tried to run off to tattle on him, but he got scared and killed her. He realized what he had done, and made her body look like it was mutilated by animals, and took her back, telling the elders that she was mauled.

As he aged, his interests changed. He enjoyed, much as his sister did, stringing along men and women, though he had to fight her for the men. He didn't take them hunting again though, knowing it would be suspicious if more lovers of his disappeared. Instead, after a night of fun he would sneak off to the paths between cities and find those banished, and murder them. He kept his trophies as he had done since childhood, his collection of bones now including teeth of Togruta as well.

When his sister came home crying one night, Komik was angry. He knew his sister's heart had been broken by the young man she had been dating, and he decided to hunt him down. By morning, the man's body would never be found. Kuuda felt ghosted, and heartbroken, and soon left home. Hurt and lonely without his twin, Komik went to his long time girlfriend, and offered her to run away with him. After a few weeks, she agreed, and told him she was pregnant. He was excited, and decided it was time to show her his trophy collection. When she noticed the teeth of Togruta, she became very afraid. She realized she was afraid of him, and afraid of what kind of monster their child may become, and committed suicide. Her note was found with just the words "He is a monster." over and over again, nothing else. Komik broke down in tears, people around him thinking he was mourning the loss but actually, he was disappointed that he didn't get to kill her, and that he had lost his unborn child.

After a mourning time and a few new rebound relationships, Komik decided he was ready to leave Shili behind and join his sister, Kuuda Ki.

Family Tree

Komik Ki †
Acala Ba †
Ralon Zel †
Pik Nesaa †
Koback Ki
Reka Zel
Meldo Zel
Bela Kali
Pik Ki
Komik Ki
Kuuda Ki
Akoshla Zel
Ralon Zel
Soro Zel

  • † Deceased