Krahl Ty`Zar

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Krahl Ty`Zar
Krahl frame big.png
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar/Anzati
Homeworld None
Mother None
Father None
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.76 meters
Coloring Black
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Skies Gearworks
Rank Gearworks Aspirant
Positions Loyal Pilot
Prior Affiliation None
Awards none
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it´s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
— Krahl Ty`Zar

Around 25 years ago the deed was done. A select group of human scientists had gotten fed up with being labelled as the weak race, at having no real skills at all. Disappearing from their jobs, their homes, their society, they escaped to a secret laboratory on an unremarkable planet in the backwaters of the galaxy. Each had brought the best human DNA they could find from their respective planets, holding genes for characteristics they found to be advantageous. Weeks was all it took for them to narrow down the donor stands, combing aspects from Anzati and Kiffar DNA into normal human cells. Several months of trials were undergone until a sufficiently viable cell line was created. All that was left was to grow it to maturity.

Using a cloning tank they had recovered, they inserted the DNA and began the long wait to see the fruits of their endeavors. This period of gestation was not wasted, as further tests were performed, as well as identifying suitable humans to act as parents to the creation. They settled on a smuggler wife and ex-merc husband as the best match to teach their creation the skills they would want. After the tank finished its processing, the infant was given over to the two new parents, and the scientists began their long task of monitoring their creation. As the years went past, the child was taught combat tactics, morality of the underclass and other skills beneficial to the future.

20 years later, the parents began to slip up, cracks forming in their parental aliases. The teenager, since called Krahl, began to sense these discrepancies, and started realizing all was not right. One night, he heard his parents talk to each other about his beginnings, the scientists, the cloning tank, everything. They didn't realize he was within earshot, but they soon found out. Krahl killed them both using his skills they had taught him, and he disappeared. Though the scientists tried many times to recover their creation, he was gone. Or so they thought. He is back now, and ready for anything, just looking for a place he can call home, if only some of the time.


Returning from the darkness, Krahl found himself in the populace of (planet name). He was forced to emerge due to the lack of funds and resources. Though he could of remained killing other wealthy sentience, he would have risked going back on the grid. So in turn he decided to clean up his current identity and return to the public eye as a experienced pilot that was terminated from his last job.