Krayt Fel

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Krayt Fel
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None Known
Siblings None Known
Children None Known
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Haven Recycling Corporation
Positions Retired Chief Magistrate
Prior Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Techno Union, CIS
Awards Unknown

Krayt Fel was previously President of the Techno Union, before the post was taken up by Olwin Froon. Although he claims to be a Corellian Human, his true identity is shrouded behind an elaborate plasmetal battle helmet he wears at all times.


Krayt served in several high posts in the Corporate Alliance and Techno Union, including Chief Magistrate of the Alliance and Security Director, Operations Director, Vice President and President of Techno Union. After his retirement from executive duty, he had plans to engage in some casual deep space tourism, and pursue new private business investments. Beyond this, his tale is a combination of legend, hearsay, and pure speculation.


During "retirement" Krayt Fel took up many leadership positions in the Corporate Alliance to help assist in the overall management of the conglomerate. He initially served as Vice-Magistrate and lead the ship production company Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. and stayed there for many years as the second in command. In Year 12 he transferred to Haven Recycling Corporation at request of Alliance Chief Magistrate Siejo Kutol to help him rebuild the company. He currently serves as second in command in Haven.

Rumors of Whats Under the Mask

Krayt's true face?

It has been proposed that Krayt Fel is actually a fugitive bum/street fighter named Goober Ma`gee, who is on the run from Imperial forces for failing to take a dive in an important fight against a Moff's favorite tramp warrior. There is essentially no data to back this story up, aside from anecdotal evidence that Krayt once exclaimed that a plate of froom eggs were "Zapf-good!", echoing Goober Ma`gee's trademark phrase. During Fel's time leading the Corporate Alliance, Mr. Ma`gee was spotted on many occasions in Alliance Territory by security cams, especially by holocams in official dignitary bathrooms. The picture on the left is the last known picture of Goober Ma`gee, reacting to a security holocam.