Krieg's Run Kicks Off

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Krieg's Run Kicks Off
Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 18 Day 209 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [BSNN] Truth in system Ibanjji (123, 370).

Welcome to BSNN; this is Ariana Howitt, bringing you all of the best news from across Black Sun! Today we have an exciting report: Black Sun has once again sponsored the famous Krieg's Run, making it the third time the government has supported one of the galaxy's premier sporting events! Following the rise of Dark Prince Knight and the legitimization of Black Sun as a galactic superpower, the Ministry of the Interior has made an increased effort to improve its galactic image. This includes several programs designed to give back to the galaxy, such as supporting events like Krieg's Run.


The Krieg's Run will be taking place today within Hutt Space and is expected to last roughly a week, requiring racers to visit many relay stations throughout the sector, proving their speed, resilience, and time management. Along with many of the galaxy's greatest pilots, two of Black Sun's esteemed racing team are confirmed to be among the racers this year: veteran of the Krieg's Run Vigo Jad Hed Viridux and novice Thrall Lothbrok. Reaching out to the Knights of the Fountain, Tolando Krieg, the mastermind behind the race, had this to say, “The race is the first official Krieg's Run in two years. I am excited and look forward to many more races after this one. The Krieg's Run began in Year 12. Since Year 13 Black Sun has been one of the most prominent racing sponsors. Black Sun has always supported cultural events such as the Uli Memorial Swap Meet and sporting events such as the Krieg's Run and the Uli Speed Trials.”

The fifth season of Krieg's Run is expected to be filled with excitement and commentary; this year's race should be the most memorable sporting event, far surpassing the multiple Boloball and Shockball leagues in popularity, as it has every year it has been run previously. We here at BSNN wish all of our racers a wonderful time and safe travels. We would further like to thank both Black Sun for its sponsorship of such an esteemed event, and all of the Knights of the Fountain and Tolando Krieg for their continued efforts in support of the arts. See you on the finish line everyone!

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