Kulthar Drax killed by Eidola

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 337

Location Unknown

The Galactic News Service received word less than 20 minutes ago that Eidola had officially claimed responsibility for the murder of prominent billionaire Kulthar Drax. Kulthar was most well-known for inheriting the Falleen fortune after the death of King Eldrik Kuraine, an event that led many to wonder what possible connection the two had. He founded Drax Industries, and was among the galaxy's most prominent narcissists.

It was no secret he had gone into reclusive hiding after making several powerful enemies, but during this period, Kulthar became a schmuck and betrayed all his closest friends. Earlier in his life, he betrayed Teniel Djo and suffered the consequences by having the vast majority of his assets seized, but even after Teniels leniency, and even after being given another chance by all of his friends, Kulthars attitude just became worse. Anzati contact Malakai Brooks summed up the general consensus of the new Kulthar three weeks ago in an interview with the Anzati News Service