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HomeworldLannik (planet)
Average Height1.20 meters [1]
DistinctionsLarge pointy ears, hypersensitive hearing
Known MembersList of known Lannik

Biology and appearance

Lannik are small humanoid beings, around 1.25 metres tall, and weigh between thirty and fourty five kilograms. Males and females are equally tall, although the latter have a considerably less strong constitution. Their race is, however, much more vigorous and resistant than its size would suggest. Lannik usually have pale skin, though some Lannik have skin which ranges from dark red to orange, and from dark blue to purple tones. A Lannik's skin tends to be of colours similar to his or her eyes and hair. The race has evolved long pointy ears which are very sensitive and allows them to hear better than human ears. Due to this, the Lannik language is spoken softly, and it is considered insulting to shout. Nowadays, most Lannik speak Basic as well.

Society and culture

The Lannik culture is apparently war loving, and Lannik feel a great respect for warriors. At the same time, though, they follow a strict centuries-old code of honour. Lannik soldiers have the custom of tying all their hair in a single topknot over their head. Their race is one of fierce warriors, whose abilities have developed fighting against terrible predators and other Lannik in a long history of wars. Although many regard the Lannik as hotheaded and temperamental, they are quite fearless and clear-headed even in combat, giving them the ability to think their way out of a dangerous situation. The Lannik do not show their thoughts through their facial expressions, and seem always angry to other races. They are also very stubborn, and are not likely to change career once they chose it. Most males - and many females - serve in the planetary militia, celebrating the species' past as a warrior race. Some take on off-world mercenary work.

The Lannik homeworld was first discovered by a group of Human and Duros explorers, who brought high technology to Lannik. The natives' exposure to this technology split Lannik society into factions, each with its own thoughts on how to integrate that technology into their society. Conflicts raged on Lannik, forcing the intervention of several criminal groups, and finally, the Galactic Republic itself, which restricted the amount of technology exported to the planet. This did not go as planned, serving only to increase the amount of technology on Lannik, and also entrenched crime syndicates on the planet. This led to the rise of the terrorist group known as the Red Iaro. [1]

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