Larissa Cambria

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Larissa Cambria
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Jane Cambria
Father Shawn Cambria
Siblings Kara Cambria
Born Year -10, Day 199
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Larissa Cambria was born in the Hapes Cluster into a moderately wealthy human family. Her childhood was traumatic, suffering the loss of a sister she never had the pleasure of meeting, which in turn caused hardship on herself before she was able to grow into a young girl. Showing a keen interest in mechanics and holo-operations, Larissa was enrolled in the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education to turn her growing hobby into a profession. With the skills of the best in her arsenal, she soon formed a private company to bring exceptional prospecting services to a small pocket of the cluster, before moving into larger ventures, culminating in its merger with recycling company Dark Skies Gearworks. More trauma caught up with her as her profession took her to less hospitable regions of space, transforming not only her body, but her way of life as she continues to tackle the hardships and experiences of the larger galaxy.

The Roots

Multiple Vitals

Larissa became part of the galaxy when born to parents Shawn and Jane Cambria in a Royal Hapan Hospital part of Bastigon City on Hapes. During a traumatic childbirth, Larissa was born prematurely, requiring constant observation and monitoring due to her lack of breathing capacity. While the birth of Larissa was successful, twin sister Kara was unable to sustain life through the premature birth, and was born still. While her parents battled through the trauma of a lost child, they showed what compassion they could to their ailing daughter. Tended to by a number of MD Medical Specialist droids assisting Hapan medical personnel, oxygen levels were maintained and strengthened, allowing Larissa to cling to life and survive the ordeal of childbirth. After a number of weeks under observation by the medical droids and practitioners, Larissa and her family were released from the hospital. Taking the family's BR-23 Courier transport, Larissa was taken to the family home on Arabanth for the first time. While her parents were able to spend several months at home, caring for her, Shawn was regularly called away to the his Tibanna Gas mining operations on Daenor, struggling to spend time with his daughter. While Shawn was regularly pre-occupied trying to sustain a standard of living for the family, Jane was able to remain at the family homestead and begin to educate Larissa on the basics of life. Over the early years of her life as the homeschool education was undertaken, it was evident quickly that Larissa had a keen interest in mechanical devices and their uses, with a disinterest in all things beauty like other children her age that were being schooled and molded into objects of desire to entice members of the Hapan Royal Family.

Regularly breaking away from the mold, around the ages of five and six Larissa was compiling crafting kits and equipment, circuit boards and couplings to create droid parts, mending broken equipment around the family home when her father was away at the mining operation to keep her mother happy.

A Young Larissa - Family Album.

Shying away from sentient interaction, she felt more open and compassionate towards droids and other mechanical objects. While the efforts of her mother didn't go unnoticed when she tried to introduce her to other families and friends, Larissa would humor her, but would much rather assemble and teach a droid the art of the galactic basic language instead of play games with young children. Upon Shawn's return from a mining operation on Daenor, Jane spoke with him about the growing hobby Larissa was acquiring, and given that Shawn started down a similar path, they both decided to enroll Larissa in the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education on Hapes to nurture the hobby into a lifestyle, not just a growing obsession. While acknowledging that they would be forced to live without their daughter for extended periods of time, they both agreed that the interests of their daughter were more essential and paramount, rather than their own interests or desires.

Hobbies Become Careers

Just after her seventh birthday, Larissa was placed on an Atlas-class Troop Transport Shuttle along with various other aspirant, neophyte learners bound for the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education. A tearful goodbye to her parents forced her to embrace the change in her lifestyle, before she waved goodbye and headed back towards the capital where she was born. While quiet and shy in her new environment, she was able to meet a number of her fellow students and begin to build somewhat of a rapport with them, however there was no denying she was desperate to begin her education. Several years passed where the rudimentary classes failed to excite. She excelled, gradating towards the top of the class, but her lack of motivation at basic mathematical equations and the intricacies of alien languages failed to interest her. Her desire was always mechanics and operations. An unintentional present for her tenth birthday was the commencement of a new class which finally allowed her to quench her insatiable desire to build something, as the basics of droid manufacture were finally being taught to the student body. While many of the more formal students struggled with the grease and small mechanical parts, Larissa quickly completed every task set to her, even completing extra assignments and work that saw her achieving tasks well above her assigned level. With her skills noted by a number of her professors, they took the steps to amend her educational portfolio, allowing her to focus more on a mechanics stream, and less on the formalities of lifestyle.

While most students would return to their homes during the semester breaks, Larissa would resort to holo-communications, instead staying at the school and volunteering at the adjacent Hapan Military Academy. While she wasn't even a teenager and her ability to work was considered illegal, she was able to register the work as an extra curricular activity, allowing her repair and construct various training rifles assigned to the cadets, including the Hapan Blaster class-1 Personal Sidearm, the Hapan Blaster class-5 Assault Rifle and the Hapan Blaster class-11 Heavy Assault Rifle. Molding down broken components to reconstruct the various required parts, Larissa spent excessive hours in the research labs building. While her superiors and other workers would spend time relaxing, Larissa found the mechanical aspect of building and repairing a soothing experience, something she could endure for hours at a time. While neglecting her parents saddened her somewhat, she clung to the belief that they would understand her aspirations and desires and not that she didn't want to talk to them. The cycle continued into her teenage years as she soon found herself being given the invitation to study and work on larger objects within the Hapan Military Academy, including the large H-1 Light Battle Tank. Through analysis of its systems, Larissa began to expand her skills, showing a natural ability to reprogram damaged weapons protocols and modules. This enthusiasm was transferred over to her education at the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education where the harder coursework introduced her to more advanced mechanical and programming methods, assignments she was still able to rapidly excel at.

The Teenage Years

Remember What Matters Most

Over her fourteenth birthday, Larissa decided to take a break from her studies during the break and actually return home to see parents Shawn and Jane on Arabanth. Using the family's BR-23 Courier, she was able to use a simple 3PO Protocol Droid she constructing during a class, along with some acquired protocols from expiring Hapan military technology, to fly home. Having a limited knowledge of flight, she spoke to the droid and analyzed its patterns and inputs, to begin to understand flight patterns and basic processes. Using a simple holo-recorder and datapad she had compiled through discarded materials, Larissa began to record the various inputs into a way she could easily interpret them for later use. When the sip arrived on Arabanth at the family estate, Larissa leapt into the arms of her parents, having not seen them in many years time. While her parents had aged gracefully, Shawn had been forced to retire from mining operations on Daenor due to injuries sustained while working, limiting the family's income drastically.

Larissa Cambria Graduation Photo.

Because of her absence, many mechanical devices and operations that her parents relied on had fallen into disrepair. While her father was able to repair some of the broken machines, Jane's knowledge of mechanics was extremely limited, and with finances becoming an issue, many amenities were sacrificed. As the weeks past during her time away from her education, Larissa was able to repair a great deal of the rusting devices, installing new protocols and parts to not only improve efficiency for her parents, but to enable a large number of self repairing tasks should similar issues occur and thus not ave her parents suffer a similar predicament again. Before her return to Hapes, Larissa passed ownership and control of her personal 3PO Protocol Droid to her parents, using the learned methods she had recorded to pilot the family BR-23 Courier back to school.

The final five years of her education introduced Larissa to more complex processes and procedures, something she finally began to struggle in. Spending as little time as possible resting, she would regularly be seen throughout the halls of the school studying for her classes, building new components and circuits with parts she was able to acquire for her courses, in an attempt to gather a greater understanding of the processes she was tasked with learning. Her assignments continued to pour in, however she began to welcome more social interaction, befriending a number of students to complete a number of group assessments, initiating a number of minor affairs on the side. While previously shy and unwelcoming towards others, favoring droids, Larissa was able to overcome her previous anxiety given they were all into mechanics as much as she was. The shared interests and level of intelligence was a turn on for her, welcoming the more intimate nature of the relationships which in turn helped with the completion of her coursework. Completing her final assessments, Larissa was successfully able to graduate from the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education with some of the highest marks of her graduate year, allowing her to have a number of options open, including a number of options from various businesses and military organizations in and around the Hapes Cluster.

Putting Things To Use

Having received a number illustrious offers after the completion of her studies, Larissa decided to take a less than conventional role, assisting a small mining operation within the Hapes Cluster, operating out of the Febrini system. Placed as lead consultant, she was charged with maintaining operation of the organizations SX-65 Groundhogs. While the task was less illustrious than others that were offered, it gave her the opportunity to follow the work of her father, while giving her fresh challenges with computer operations and mechanical endeavors. Aiding the outfit known publicly as Febrini Mineral Exports, she was able to implement new processes that increased the prospecting capabilities of the SX-65 Groundhogs, seeing a greater influx of credits for her impressive work. As the praise kept rolling in, Larissa sound found herself acquiring derelict mining equipment retired from Febrini's roster, that she soon repaired and optimized, before storing the vessels in a small cargo hold she could maintain when not working. However as her inventory began to grow, she soon found herself with a lack of sufficient space to maintain her equipment. Selling half of her inventory to local merchants and off world traders, Larissa began to look for a vessel to house more vehicles when required. While she was harassed by local merchants about purchasing either a Modular Conveyor or an AA-9 Transport, Larissa settled on a Action VI Transport to suit her needs. Christening her new vessel with the name Foundry, she returned to acquiring derelict technology, portions of which she would sell to bolster her finances, sending some credits back to her family when the opportunity presented itself.

She continued to work with Febrini for a number of years, enjoying the simple environment of mining, until the company folded during the thirteenth galactic year. While only twenty-three, she had managed to gather adequate resources to become self-sufficient, not needing to rely on a loan from her parents or a severance package from Febrini. Returning home to Arabanth, Larissa spent several months with her parents, assisting them in their various ventures, investing where possible to improve their standard of living since Shawn's accident. While she was happy living at home, Larissa had a desire to finally move away from the Hapes Cluster, deciding to pursue ventures not related to those of just Hapan people, instead moving to Trade Federation controlled space, settling on Berchest. The chief commercial and industrial centre for a growing portion of Federation citizens, Larissa could easily embed herself into society and put her skills to use. What began as re-programming of local security protocols for the municipal government, soon found her enlisting in a transportation company. While still new to the galaxy and operating small routes throughout the Outer Regions, Galactic Rescue Ops gave Larissa the opportunity to gain more experience in space flight, while giving sufficient time to create and calibrate new computer parts and protocols on various droids and machines on her Action VI Transport.

The growing transport routes and trading capabilities encouraged Larissa to expand another portion of her life by following her growing entrepreneurial spirit. Only mere weeks after commencing work within Galactic Rescue Ops, Larissa devised and implemented plans for a privately owned and operated prospecting company known to the galaxy as Dirty Collar Industries. With her reputation out of the Hapes Cluster being positive, interest and investments were initially strong, while the transport routes of Galactic Rescue Ops allowed her to bolster her clientele and knowledge of various local customs to corners of the galaxy. As the company grew, her attention to other ventures, including Galactic Rescue Ops began to become increasingly limited. With their blessing, Larissa resigned from the company to focus on her growing business, using contacts throughout a number of local businesses and corporations to bring in more clients. While her tasks were growing at alarming rates, Larissa used the long hyperspace journey's to analyze her equipment, ensuring it was in exceptional working order, while improving the various protocols embedded in its processes, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness of her operations. As the months passed, the contracts kept coming, forcing Larissa to acknowledge that she couldn't keep Dirty Collar Industries as a solely controlled and operated business. Contacted by Lilith Delcroix, Forgemaster of Dark Skies Gearworks, negotiations commenced regarding the merger of the prospecting company within the growing domain of Dark Skies Gearworks. Sceptical at first of the company's operations, Larissa enlisted as an observer to analyze their current business patters, while studying their methods and dynamics to ensure a comfortable fit with the morals and ideals she attempted to maintain in Dirty Collar Industries. After several weeks of negotiations and analysis, Lilith Delcroix officially welcomed Dirty Collar Industries into the fold of Dark Skies Gearworks as an official prospecting department and part of the growing manufacturing wing within the company. While slightly saddened by the fact she was unable to maintain sole operating and ownership prerogatives, Larissa soon shrugged these views aside, acknowledging that the venture would only improve over time.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Angels Among Us

With a move to Vorsia Companion from Trade Federation controlled Berchest, Larissa once again had to reestablish connections and contacts to continue the success of her business. Due to the overwhelming nature of the workload, Larissa spent a week manufacturing a number of 3PO Protocol Droids to serve and envoys and emissaries to her contacts. While she had grown accustomed to sentient interaction, she still found the process overwhelming and regularly preferred hearing negotiations either through a holo-communication device or by a droid. Despite her quiet and somewhat lonesome nature, Larissa still found herself regularly surrounded by sentients who purchased her equipment, or by visits to the Masterforge, the headquarters facility of Dark Skies Gearworks. Developing a fever and other itch like symptoms, Larissa figured the irritation was due to acclimatising to a new environment and atmosphere, however as it failed to improve over several weeks, she checked into the hospital during a visit to the city of Angel Falls. After a quarantine and testing by a number of 2-1B Medical Droids, it was determined that Larissa had contracted a strand of the Metamorphosis Plague, in particular the Diathim properties. Spending a further three weeks under observation, Larissa underwent the natural process of transformation, as the plague overtook her nervous and physical systems, created a set of majestic, six-blade wings out the small of her back, while her skin changed to a more pale nature. While the majority of her physical attributes remained the same, Larissa still felt completely different, as if her life had been turned around from a human to an alien.

Still bemused by the changes, Larissa decided to bury herself in her work, focusing on prospecting improvements to take her mind off the changes. While she felt strange, her work output had increased and people throughout Vorsia Companion to look on her in awe of her appearance. Her pale skin crested a beauty that was of a similar nature to Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix, something the sentients of Vorisa welcomed the sight of. With the societal changes growing on her, she had become not just another sentient, but one that was aspired to by many that could not be achieved. A gift that many could never experience or enjoy. Cutting off communication to her parents for fear of disapproval, Larissa's attitude began to change to one of enjoyment with her new physique. Keen to show the galaxy her new appearance, Larissa decided to get out in the field for a time and try out some of her new protocols on modified FK-7 Airspeeders. Traveling into the Outer-Rim to the world of Calast V, she was keen to analyze their outputs in order to release the new protocols to the galaxy at large if successful. With Lilith Delcroix being in a relationship with New Republic Senator Ankha Natanaele, Larissa was able to enjoy free reign on the planet due to its affiliations and political standing. As her Action VI Transport removed itself from hyperspace and descended the planet, Larissa readied a personal Thermal Survival Suit to deal with the toxic atmosphere of the planet.

Manufactured, Personally

While initial tests on Calast V were successful, one FK-7 Airspeeder began to suffer a malfunction due to the toxicity of the planet. As Larissa landed the vessel, she began to examine the underside of the speeder for deterioration and damage from the environment. Despite her improvements to the ships hull, it was still unable to properly maintain operation on the notorious mining planet. While conducting a number of tests, the ground beneath her began to shake, before a small sinkhole began to form at the front of the ship, causing the speeders supports to bulk and collapse. As the support gave way, it allowed the ship to fall and crush Larissa's lower body, from the pelvis down. Screaming from the agonizing pain she was experiencing, she was able to centre herself for a few moments to remove a small modified sensor beacon from her pocket and place it on the hull of the FK-7 Airspeeder. As the beacon powered up, it integrated with the ships communication and navigation system to allow an immediate transmission to New Republic vessels within the region. As she passed out from the pain, her legs continued to be crushed by the speeder, with several damage points within the lower parts of her Thermal Survival Suit allowing the toxic fumes from the atmosphere to infiltrate her skin and cause internal damage.

Extracted from the harmful toxins by a responding New Republic unit, Larissa was taken an undisclosed medical facility on Calast VII. Upon analysis of her injuries, it was quickly determined that due to the crushing injuries, her legs would require amputation. Given the exposure to toxins, a number of internal organs would also require replacement and monitoring by internal systems.

Medical Extraction on Calast V.

With adequate cybernetics chosen, Larissa was given a set of Artificial Legs to combat the loss of her own, while a number of her organs were replaced through extensive operations and donations from recently departed sentients. After a month in a medically induced coma, followed by several weeks within a Bacta Tank, Larissa commenced rehabilitation on the use of her Artificial Legs. While rudimentary at first, the New Republic doctors allowed her to grow accustomed to their improved strength and maneuverability, before they installed artificial implants to match the colour of her skin. Improving the mechanisms with a number of her own personal adjustments, Larissa, despite the trauma she had endured, simply smiled and removed herself from the facility. With her Action VI Transport repaired from the damage, she commenced a return to Vorsia Companion, along with the results of her findings. While the ship endured a long hyperspace journey, Larissa returned to her private quarters and wept at her ordeal. tears streamed down her pale face as she analyzed her injuries and what she had endured in pursuit of her hobbies. Such sacrifice and pain had befallen her over her short lifetime, but she quickly saw the lighter side, that she herself was now a somewhat mechanical device, something she could continually analyze and improve, which brought a smile to her face.

As she returned to Vorsia Companion, she delivered her findings to members of Dark Skies Gearworks, including Lilith Delcroix and Tex Navos, before retiring to her private quarters. Wearing a Dark Skies Gearworks hoodie and a comfortable pair of pants, she hid her injuries from them, not wanting to show a sign of trauma or personal sacrifice, keeping the injury to herself. Despite the loss of her own limbs, the analysis she performed was able to improve her prospecting operations, along with toxicity readings that were forwarded onto the New Republic. The success was not overly celebrated by Larissa, but she understood the success of what she had done, and simply returned to her work within her private computer facility at the Masterforge, to continue her work.

Indefinite Retirement

Notable Galactic Positions
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Leader of Dirty Collar Industries
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