Legacy of Sagosh

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Sagosh United Protectorates

Sagosh United Protectorates was an interstellar government that ruled a number of worlds in the Hutt Space. When it first met Hutt Empire, the short encounter resulted in decades of war that inevitability resulted in total annihilation of Sagosh government and enslavement of its worlds. Only recently bits and pieces of their history have been recovered by archaeologists and historians alike.


Sagosh United Protectorates emblem


Sagosh United Protectorates was founded by the Directorate of Va’ruum, at the end of the Age of Strife on Sagosh worlds, in the -22th Millennium, that was caused by brutal civil war when Sagosh Imperium dissolved. As being interstellar feudalistic empire, Sagosh Imperium relied heavily on caste system to govern its worlds and remind the citizens of their status. One of the more powerful castes was the caste of Va’ruum, a spiritual caste who was responsible for the implementation of the faith as well as rudimentary study of the Force.


Va’ruum fortified temple during the Sagosh civil war

When the Sagosh Imperium fell in civil war from the decades of stagnation and infighting between lords, priest caste of Va’ruum retreated to their fortified temples and from there watched how once flourishing civilization destroyed itself, but they didn’t sit idle. In their temples they dedicated their lives in order to find a solution that would lead to a peace and would once again unite and mend the empire. During this time Va’ruum priests achieved something groundbreaking – creation of superconsciousness that was created from combining minds of dozen priests with powerful computing machines.

This superconsciousness started calling itself the Directorate of Va’ruum, and in a few years, was able to unite various rival factions on Sagosh worlds with message of peace and understanding of greater good. With the Sagosh worlds once again united, the Directorate was able to rapidly develop their civilization's technology as well as reform the government to more democratic one, as such Sagosh United Protectorates was founded, all governed by ever growing superconsciousness that was connected to more and more minds. Decades of unrivaled peace and prosperity followed, and with it, the Sagosh United Protectorates expanded its borders through a series of so-called Ring Expansions that eventually led them to encounter Hutt Empire and to be drawn into a long and bloody interstellar war with them.


Sagosh United Protectorates relied heavily on advanced robotics during their war with Hutt Empire, and as such employed various mechs and droids in their armies and armadas. Each unit was directly linked to the superconsciousness of Va’ruum via subspace relays, which enabled commanders to employ coordinated plans on planetary scale. This gave Sagosh great advantage and for many decades they were able to repel the invading Hutt forces, but eventually the sheer numbers and broad force of the Hutt Empire was able to break the Sagosh defenses and conquer their worlds.


On the edge of the Hutt Space borders, a derelict shipwreck had appeared and detected by nearby long range sensors in the year -10. Initial reports reported that It carried no recognizable banner, but upon closer investigation it was revealed that the IFF transponder was still barely operational and it marked ship as Aurora, an Sagosh battleship. From what was gathered the shipwreck had flown in empty space for more than 20000 years. On board it, team of scientists were able to salvage some of the ancient technology as well as uncover wealth of knowledge about the Sagosh United Protectorates and their war with the Hutt Empire.

Head of the Sagosh War Droid

Sagosh War Droid Head
Type Legacy item of Sagosh

During the conquests of Xim The Despot around -25th Millennium, the warmongering leader sent various self-contained killer droid units to find suitable targets for the invasion forces. One of these units reached the outskirts of Sagosh Imperium space but malfunctioned and laid dormant there for thousands of years, long after the downfall of Xim's empire. It was later discovered by a passing survey ship, but no extensive research was done and as such it remained dormant in the Sagosh Imperium archives. After the collapse of the Imperium and establishment of the United Protectorates, the Directorate of Va’ruum army.

These war-robots were humanoid in form and dwarfed their Human counterparts. Covered with thick armor plating coated with a mirrored reflective surface for deflecting enemy fire and reinforced stress points, they proved to be fairly durable on the battlefield. Their weaponry included a variety of chemical and energy weapons, including ancient heat beams and particle dischargers making them a dangerous foe. Their biggest flaw was their cost and manufacture time. These droids were relatively mindless and were controlled from sub-space transmission relay stations installed on Sagosh military command vehicles and ships.

Only 10 of these Droid heads have been found on the recent discovered shipwreck Aurora. deemed it as top priority to research and back-engineer the droid units. Eventually scientists were able to create Sagosh War Droid, which replaced almost 80% of the regular standing

  • ID #8666002 - this Droid head is in the possession of Samisia Noctru.
  • ID #8686413 - this Droid head is in the possession of Belloq Tull.
  • ID #8686414 - this Droid head is in the possession of Amelia Kolczynski.
  • ID #8686415 - this Droid head is in the possession of Kyp Arkanus.
  • ID #8686418 - this Droid head is in the possession of Jic Uiji.

Sagosh Data Core

Sagosh data-core
Type Legacy item of Sagosh

Sagosh Data Cores were used to store and decipher information that was being relayed to them via subspace transmissions. Cores were mainly used in Sagosh war-droids and on their battleships to interpret orders that came directly from the superconsciousness mainframe.

Only 7 of these Data Cores have been found on the recent discovered shipwreck Aurora.

  • ID #8667402 - this Data Core is in the possession of Kyp Arkanus.
  • ID #8699512 - this Data Core is in the possession of Paul Luz.
  • ID #8883841 - this Data Core is in the possession of Claven Deleon.
  • ID #8891265 - this Data Core is in the possession of Belloq Tull.

Sagosh Hyperspace Compass

Sagosh War Droid Head
Ancient Sagosh Hyperspace Compass small.png
Type Legacy item of Sagosh

A hyperspace compass could reportedly allow starships to navigate by orienting on the center of the galaxy. These devices could serve as backups in case of navigation computer failure, and could be used in both hyperspace and realspace. This unique hyperspace compass appears to have been designed by the same technology that created the Sagosh War Droid and Data Core.

Only one of these unique navigational aids have been discovered in the galaxy, though where it was found is still unknown.

  • ID #8693511 - this Hyperspace Compass is in the possession of Belloq Tull.