Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae

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Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae
Class Foray-class Blockade Runner
Role Flagship, Museum
Commanding Officer Korin Hael Ev'reuin
Date of Manufacture Unknown, Est. Circa -3970 to -3925
Affiliation Ev'reuin Family
  • Seventeenth Alsakan Conflict
  • Fall of Alsakan
  • Skirmish at the Knot Holes

The Foray-class Blockade Runner was originally a military vessel of the Corellian Hegemony that saw action during the penultimate, Sixteenth Alsakan Conflict. Built by the Republic Fleet Systems and designated, Hegemonic Humility, by its first captain, Ensign Olune, the Foray-class Blockade Runner served as an assault troop transport for the Corellian privateer attack on Alsakan. Landing on the southern beaches outside of Xenvaer with other Corellian Assault Ships, a full-strength army of Corellian privateers attempted to assault the defensive fortifications on the beachside but in the end, failed. With the Corellian fleet of frigates retreating, the Foray-class Blockade Runner was trapped on Alsakan and was quickly captured by the Ev'reuin Family and their Heritage Guard, the force responsible for defending the southern beaches outside Xenvaer.

Due to the Ev’reuin Family’s vital role in maintaining their positions against the largest portion of Corellia’s land assault on Xenvaer, the noble council of Alsakan decided to renovate the captured Foray-class Blockade Runner free of charge to memorialize their great sacrifice and resolve. Newly christened as “The Blood Legacy of Glory” by the King of Alsakan, the Ev’reuin Family ascended to new heights and become a dominant Alsakan political faction. Over time, the ship was continually maintained by each successive generation and kept as a constant, proud reminder of their triumph. The ship was most recently maintained and upgraded by utilizing familial assets within the Relephon System refitting the ship into the modern age.

The ship’s most unique characteristic is its monochromatic, blackgold armour plating: these carefully forged armoured plates are made with a special durasteel alloy, that contains trace amounts of aurodium and platinum, unique only to proper Alsakani nobility. Expert craftsmen diligently carved the numerous historical Alsakan symbols on these plates, each representing a unique piece of Alsakani lore or wisdom. The original structural schematic of the Foray-class Blockade Runner was retained, serving as a multi-purpose, utility vessel capable of being a transport, an auxiliary warship, and a patrol craft. The ship was perpetually maintained by Ev’reuin Family mechanics, ensuring that the Foray-class Blockade Runner remained a viable war vessel despite the passing of time. The largest upgrade the Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae received was to the system’s central control system and electronic hardware, effectively reducing the necessary number of crew for operation as well as refining and allowing the ship to be more effectively commanded.


Capture at Xenvaer

Post Conflict

Waning Glory

Faltering Stars

Fall of Alsakan

In the year -23 Alsakan finally came under pressure from the First Galactic Civil War when CIS forces had secured footholds along the Perlemian Trade Route giving them direct access into the Alsakan Sector and from there a staging point for assault against the Republic Capital of Coruscant. In a bid to fend off any such assault on the heart of the galactic government Republic Forces quickly moved to secure the Alsakan System against assault, and in an attempt to rapidly succor defenses in system pressed the local defense fleet and militias into service under the Republic Banner. This included the bulk of the Heritage Guard assets that remained under the Ev'reuin Family name and had sweeping results across their fleet taking both civilian and combat capable ships alike. When the time came to commandeer the Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae the Ev'reuin found themselves fortunate that the Republic Officer inspecting the vessel managed to overlook her generational upgrades and only saw a relic from times long past.

Spared from the devastating space battle that resulted in the near total destruction of the defending Republic Fleet the Legatum found itself amid the docking port of the Nocturnal Palace being rapidly loaded with anything and everything that remained to the family. Priceless Relics, Heritage Guard Personnel, Supplies, Civilians and Family Members. It wasn't long before alarms blared through the streets of Archais and the people there found themselves racing for cover as orbital fire rained down from the victorious CIS fleet, now setting its sights on eliminating Republic Ground Resistance. Surviving the initial blasts due to its docking location in the Nocturnal Valley the ship quickly blasted itself free of its moorings and lifted off from the ground racing headlong into the torrential downpour of laser fire. With nearly all available power directed to the forward shields and engines the ship creaked and moaned from the modern firepower of the dedicated warships in orbit, but its upgrades were enough to hold it through.

Escaping through the bombarding fleet the vessel jumped to hyperspace with its sights set on the Hapes Cluster as its final destination, one of the few galactic governments maintaining a neutral stance in the war.

Skirmish at the Knot Holes

Upon reaching the Lorelli Reach the Ev'reuin Family, and by extension the Legatum were granted asylum and entry to the Cluster with their final planned destination being Hapes itself where they had intended to settle down. Unfortunately as the vessel began its slow journey through the Knot Holes it ran afoul a group of Raiders who found themselves more then content to attack the already damaged and unescorted vessel. Broadcasting an emergency signal the Legatum crew began engaging the battles as it moved off attempting to distance themselves from the attacking force.

With the arrival of local defense forces the vessel was saved from the raiders but at the ultimate cost of extensive damage to their engine array. As the vessel got underway once more it made it to terminus point of the Gallinore Reach in the Rifle Worlds where the vessels engines and hyperdrive suffered a severe and irreversible failure causing the ship to be stranged in the relatively remote Relephon System. After contacting local shipping vessels the Legatum was towed to near orbit of Relephon where the Ev'reuin Family decided to remain and set down roots on the Second Moon.


In Year 18, after having thoroughly established themselves within the Hapes Consortium, the Ev'reuin Family began a process of repair and revitalization for the Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae. This initially began with a completely new engine array built from the ground up within local dry docks. The interior of the vessel was utterly gutted with exception to the Blood Throne Room. With a newly designed bridge and even more modernized computer systems the crew requirements of the Legatum were further driven down.

The rest of the interior of the ship was renovated to serve as a mobile museum and archive for usage by the Ev'reuin Reliquary. New additions to the vessels interior included an archival and reliquary vault for storage of nondisplayed artifacts and information, a tertiary analysis lab, a small library with remote Reliquary Archive uplinks, an art gallery, water gardens, and more. The Blood Throne Room retained its original design and served as a display space for Ev'reuin Family Relics specifically. With this full modification put into play, the Legatum became unofficially known as "Site B", a tertiary data archive site in which the archival vaults of the Reliquary could be preserved in the event of a tragedy. For the purpose of public egress, the Legatum makes its Port of Call at Lorell in the Lorell System with its archives and galleries open to sentients of all allegiances.

Starting in Year 20 the Legatum will begin a 30 system tour over the course of the year in which its displays will be open to the sentients of the galaxy who lack the means of travel to the publicly open Lorell System.

Site B Takes Shape

As the ship took to the stars once more it was deemed that the ship, a museum piece in its own rights; was the perfect vessel to serve as Site B for the remnants of the Ev'reuin Reliquary. As the burgeoning archive took shape aboard the vessel it was deemed appropriate as a mobile museum and as such the interior of the vessel was heavily remodeled to serve in this new role. Most of its military and flag assets being stripped and subsequently transferred to other vessels in the growing Heritage Fleet.

Blood Throne Gallery

Containing the legendary Blood Throne of Alsakan. The Throne had belonged to the King's of Archais during the old days before the world was one united power. It eventually passed into vaults of the Reliquary during (Exact Date To Be Specified) when Archais was heavily assaulted by fleets from Corusant. The Throne was later placed upon a viewing gallery of the Legatum by a Patriarch of the Household whos greed outweighed his rights. The Throne has remained in place ever sense. The Gallery now named in its honor traditionally plays host to Alsakan cultural artifacts specifically, and on rare and special occasions artifacts of the Ev'reuin Family itself.

Hall of Sponsors

Located off the Greeting Hall near the aft section of the vessel, the Hall of Sponsors serves in dedication to the men, women, and entities who have supported and donated to the efforts of the Reliquary to preserve the gifts of the galaxy for future generations. It current contains dedications to the Ev'reuin Family, Dobbs Mottley, Ylvia Skelgard, and the Veilhal Nomads.


The Library retains a direct holonet uplink to the central Reliquary Repository located beneath Mist House in Nocturnal. The physical holobooks and manuscripts kept on sight are routinely rotated out with those maintained in the Central Archive for the purpose of providing regularly alternating content to Museum Guests.

Water Gardens

The Water Gardens lay at the heart of the vessel, and have been carefully curated to ensure the viability of a spaceborn hydroponics garden. It is gently and delicately maintained to ensure the resident flora can exist in as natural an environment as possible aboard a vessel such as this. The Water Gardens are known to contain a variety of species from across the galaxy, many of which have been curated and provided by the intrepid adventurer Dobbs Mottley.

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Post Conflict Upgrades

Heritage Refit

Rebirth at Relephon

Timeline of Events