Long-Awaited Peace Welcomed in Maldrood

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Posted by: Keishi Miahr - Organization: Anzatan Commonwealth Date: Year 10 Day 152 Onboard the Kaloth BattleCruiser ASC Indomitable in system Anzat (307, 118) on Year 10 Day 152 16:21.

Holoviewers across the Galaxy stutter before images finally phase into sharp and distinguishable forms. The transmitting data stream, as a simple text explains, is being filtered to compensate for interference from the Anzatan asteroid ring. Finally, the rotating insignia of the Commonwealth appears, transforming slowly into that of the Tion Hegemony, and then of Mandalore. The image fades in similar fashion as it appears, replaced by a humanoid spokeswoman of stereotypical appearance.


The woman's smile matches the soothing, if sterile, tone of her voice. After a few seconds reviewing the datapad in her hands, her eyes find the camera, and her statement begins. "The prolonged conflicts between the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Tion Hegemony, and between the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Mandalore, have ended this morning with the signing of a series of peace treaties on the planet of Vandelhelm.

"The origins of the troubles date back well into the past, although at various points over the course of the conflict, the regrettable scale of the violence varied from simple border skirmishes to larger capital encounters and ground assaults, resulting in casualties on all sides. Some political analysts once described the mindsets of the governments as 'entrenched', as they had gotten so used to the distrust and bad feeling, reinforced by trade embargoes and passage restrictions. With the death of the Commonwealth's former leader, new diplomatic veins were opened, which, after a month of diligent work by all the governments involved, culminated in today's treaties.

Prime Minister Zimbabwe Suluclac of the Federation of Free Alliances, who witnessed the treaties and provided a venue for their signing, had this to say at a press conference held earlier today."

The view cuts to a still image of Prime Minister Suluclac, with the flag of the FFA in the backdrop. The holoimage remains still as the voice begins to speak.

"We at the eXiles and the Federation of Free Alliances are honored to have served as witness and a neutral party to this historic occasion. It is a event that will change the future for the better, and create new and deep diplomatic relationships. We have already begun diplomatic relations with the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Tion Hegemony. All parties of this treaty have been professional, polite, and I look forward to the exceptional things this will foster. War profits no SenBe, yet peace profits everyone, except perhaps a mercenary, but that is another story."


As the prepared recording finishes, the scene fades back to the spokeswoman. "At this point in time, the precise terms of the agreement have not been made public. What has been revealed is that the three governments have affirmed a clause of non-aggression and that their respective military forces have been ordered to cease-fire. Quiet rumblings from sentients galaxy-wide seem to all echo the same sentiments - could this announcement of peace after such a long-standing feud possibly signify the rumoured changes occurring within the Anzatan Commonwealth? Chancellor Vong Gin`aal, of Mandalore offered his opinion on the proceedings."

The view cuts to a still image of Chancellor Gin`aal, standing before the Mandalorian flag. The holoimage remains still as the voice begins to recite a statement on behalf of Mandalore.

"The Mandalorian government is pleased with the outcome of these negotiations. We strongly believe the results of our one month long peace-negotiations are satisfying to all parties involved. The Anzatan people have never been the enemy of Mandalore, as we have repeatedly stated. Mandalore welcomes cooperation with competently led governments across the galaxy and we are looking forward to working with the Anzatan Commonwealth government on various projects that will bring our governments to new levels of mutual trust and understanding.

"Let this peace treaty also be a clear message to all Outer Rim nations, struggling to overthrow incompetent leaders or pirate governments. Mandalore will aid you in your efforts to remove traitors, bring justice, honor and loyalty to your sectors whenever necessary."

"Once again the spokeswoman's warm visage returns to the screen. "Statements made by Mandalore and the Commonwealth were echoed by Hyperion Typhon Corbin of the Tion Hegemony."

The image of the leader appears above the spokeswoman's shoulder as his voice overtakes the scene. "For the last month, the Tion Hegemony and Mandalore have worked together with the Anzatan Commonwealth to create peace between our nations, and finally put an end to this long-standing war. With the former government of von Ismay overthrown, we have been able to reach an agreement that will allow our respective governments to move ahead to a more prosperous future.

"The Hegemony would like to thank both Mandalore and the Anzatan Commonwealth for their patience, cooperation, understanding, and willingness to put our bad blood behind us. Through cooperation and growing mutual trust, we have made tremendous headway in repairing our relations. Though the past may have seen us as enemies, today starts a new era of peace and growth for our people."

As the statement ends, the image disappears into the ether, and the woman turns her attention back to the transmitter. "Finally, Chancellor Xanthe of the Commonwealth prepared a statement for this release, adding the Anzati's view of this cessation of hostilities."

"A month of negotiations has culminated in the signing of these historic treaties between the Commonwealth and the Tion Hegemony, and between the Commonwealth and Mandalore. The past has seen much bloodshed, and the sad loss of many loved ones on all sides of the conflict. We now look forward to a future of peace and prosperity having worked together to overcome our differences.

"We look forward to developing trust and mutual understanding between the Commonwealth, the Tion Hegemony and Mandalore. We look also to fostering new relations with other governments as well as renewing relationships with old friends.

Much has been speculated since the recent changes within our government, but we hope today's news gives a strong message: the Commonwealth is embarking on a new course, marked not by self-aggrandizement, but a sincere desire to increase the prosperity of our people, by opening up opportunities rather than closing the doors of diplomacy."

For the final time, the scene returns to the spokeswoman at her perch. "All three governments commend one another for the patience and dedication to peace shown throughout the negotiations. They feel that the treaties signed constitute a new era of Galactic politics, and will serve the betterment of all their peoples. Thank you, all of you, for your time."

The trio of insignias once again form the foreground of the scene, and then fade to black.


Long-Awaited Peace Welcomed in Maldrood on the Galactic News Service