Loratus Manufacturing

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Loratus Manufacturing
General Information
Status Active
Leader Fukara Mist
2IC Sanctius Thorne
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 76
Dissolved Year 15 Day 300
Political Information
Industry Vehicles

Loratus Manufacturing serves a diverse customer base and has taken a neutral stance on Galactic politics. Whether a Government, Corporation or Paramilitary outfit, we can find the right solution and the right product for any buyer. With an efficient, dedicated team of mechanical experts working tirelessly to produce cost effective, reliable and durable products, Loratus Manufacturing is one of the premier vehicle production factions which operates in the mid/outer rim.

Our mission at Loratus Manufacturing is to deliver solutions to our customers’ most challenging and complex problems by applying innovative approaches provided by our highly skilled and experienced workforce and fostering an environment where we are a valued and trusted partner with all our clients starting with our customers and extending throughout our supply chain.

At Loratus Manufacturing, we recognize that performance and mission success goes beyond just getting results - it’s getting results the right way. This philosophy is embedded in what we do and how we do it and is the foundation of our values.

Loratus Manufacturing enters into the production fray keen to capitalize on a gap in the market for an affordable, dependable supplier of vehicles. Having many allies and partners, we benefit from a steady and secure supply of raw materials which helps to keep costs down and ensure customer satisfaction.

We specialize in producing the Hover Transport TC9 but have the capability to manufacture a wide variety of vehicles for public sale. We delight in providing custom orders and are eager to discuss your production requirments.

Driven by the relentless pursuit of perfection, Loratus Manufacturing strives to bring "The Vehicle Perfected" to the entire Galaxy.