Lorell (Planet)

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Temperate breathable.png
System Lorell System
Sector Hapes Cluster
Galactic Coordinates (136, 99)
System Coordinates (14, 6)
Astrographic Entry Lorell
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Glacier, Mountains, Ocean, Jungle
Controlled By Hapes Consortium
Magistrate Tarix Chume Gane Lant
Population 591,396,872 inhabitants
Sentient Races Hapan

Lorell is a notable planet within the Hapes Cluster and was the flashpoint of the Black Sun Crisis circa Year 3. During the latter crisis, Dark Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate — with the covert aid of the Falleen Federation — attempted to seize the temperate world from the Hapes Consortium. Following a cessation of diplomatic negotiations, a cold war ensued between the two regimes. The Hapan regime and its satellites quickly amassed a formidable military presence in the system before undertaking a large-scale bombardment of Black Sun's cities. In the end, Prince Dar of Black Sun capitulated.


The Lorell Raiders were the first to colonize Lorell several thousand years ago. The pirate organization was the first to find the only suspected hyperspace entry route into the Hapes Cluster through this system, which stands today as the doorway to the sector. Constantly needing to venture beyond the Transitory Mists to pillage resources and kidnap females from the surrounding systems, the Raiders quickly came to understand the complexities of navigating the anomaly far better than any before them.

Lorell was once a hive of villainy, a base of operations for the expansion of the Raiders, but today stands as a shining beacon of civilization. The planet itself was once a paradise, with forests, jungles, grasslands and vast oceans. Today, only some of the oceans and the vast magma fields are left in their original state, while the majority of the planet has been built up in recent years thanks to generous donations by private investors.