Lorpfan (Planet)

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System Lorpfan
Sector Tynquay
Galactic Coordinates (279, 369)
System Coordinates (9, 8)
Rotational Period 59 d
Orbital Period 88 d
Astrographic Entry Lorpfan
Type Hot/toxic Atmosphere
Primary Terrain: desert, mountain, volcanic
Controlled By House Kaine via Kaine Initiative
Shielded Yes
Governor Kyran Caelius
Population 51,390,925 inhabitants


Lorpfan is a planet within the Lorpfan star system, in the Tynquay sector.


Lorpfan is governed by a monarch that was established on Danuta planet during the Age of Recolonization, by settlers from the Church of Reansucru. Keeping with the organizational structure of the Church, the title for the leader of the government was formerly Lord Patriarch. The title was changed to Archon, upon Kyran Caelius taking leadership. Due to the duties of the Archon, a governing council was appointed representing the five shades of the Reansucru Faith that would serve as the regency in the Lord Patriarch’s absence. This council would be known as the Council of Shades; the same Council which governed on Danuta was re-established on Lorpfan.

The Council of Shades

Though Lorpfan is governed as a monarchy, in the absence of ruling members of the Royal Kaine Family, governance of the planet falls on the Council of Shades. The Council of Shades is a five member council of faith members who represent the Five Shades of the Force: Red, Green, White, Blue, & Black. Those on the council, known as Ministers, serve as peers with each holding an equal vote on all maters. Though all peers, the leader of the Council is known as the Ordino, and in this role, they are responsible for organizing and running the meetings and hearings.

Current Members of the Council of Shades

Blue Shade
Derrik Ward
Black Shade
Tobias Maur
White Shade
Spencer Drye, Ordino
Red Shade
Saria Findiser
Green Shade
Luann Moss
Lorpfan-blueshade.png Lorpfan-blackshade.png Lorpfan-whiteshade.png Lorpfan-redshade.png Lorpfan-greenshade.png