Lucio Rossari

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Lucio Rossari
Lucio Rossari.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Nicoletta Caratti-Rossari
Father Emilio Rossari
Spouse None
Siblings Sofia Rossari

•*Adrianna Rossari • Sandro Rossari

Children None
Born Year 12 Day 255
Died Not Yet
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Murishani Unubunko
Rank New Guy
Positions None
Prior Affiliation None
Awards None

Lucio Rossari was born on Hapes, and is a man of science and intellect. He thinks things out in depth before deciding on how to act on a situation.


Lucio was a Hapan boy, born into a normal Hapan family. He was born with two older sisters, Arianna and Sofia Rossari, and a twin brother, Sandro, to the parents of Emilio and Nicoletta Rossari. Two years before he was born, his father had started up a small business selling droids and small vehicles, hoping it would take off and bring in a little more money than they currently had.

When Lucio was 5, him and Sandro attended the Royal Hapan Academy for Boys. Soon thereafter, it became clear that Lucio had a love for Nature and Science. He always had his nose in a book about science, technology, or nature, and he was bound to be a scientist. Sandro, on the other hand, was like any other boy, and fascinated with guns, explosions and the likes thereof.

When Lucio was 8, his father's business started to become more noticed by some larger companies. Shortly thereafter, he signed a contract with two large companies wanting to buy his products. With the sudden interest for his products, Emilio expanded his business to support the demand. Soon, he was rewarded with large profits. This allowed the Rossaris to move to a larger house, and for some of Lucio's experiments to be funded. This also allowed for the children to receive good education.

When Lucio was 14, Arianna left the house and went to go off on her own in the galaxy. The next year, Sofia left. This left Lucio and Sandro to be the only ones left in the house. Two years later, Sandro went and joined a government military, Leaving Lucio home alone.

Lucio kept doing his studies from home, and his experiments were also done from home. A few years later, when he was 20, Lucio went off to study abroad. He eventually wanted to learn more about things in the galaxy, and when he met a man by the name of Xu Xlaar Vivan, he took a job with him, just doing odd jobs that would take him places where he could study.

The Scamming of Bea Belle

Many months later, Lucio heard through the Galactic News System how one of his best friends, Alex Truman was scammed by an Eidolan Pirate by the name of Bea Belle. Lucio heard this and wanted to get revenge. Shortly after this, Lucio received a coded message from a man by the name of Xanxus Drol, who notified Lucio that he, too, wanted revenge on Belle. Hearing this, Lucio decided to accept his offer.

Lucio and Xanxus, in the weeks that followed, set up a plan and eventually set it into action. Belle had contacted Xanxus and told him that she wanted to start a bank for all to be able to use. It was to be perfectly Neutral, and in the spirit of this, it was to be named CommonGround Bank, but that she could not be leader/owner since she had been listed as a Pirate after the scamming of Eclipse Bacta Co. and therefore would not be as trusted. Xanxus, seeing an opening for his plan decided to take it. He informed Lucio that together, him and Belle, would be starting the bank, but that Belle would be sending everything to him, and when she did that, then he would kick her out of the bank, and then Xanxus, Lucio, and a few other select trusted members would run the bank together.

Very shortly afterwards, the time came to start the bank. Belle sent some assets and the money to start the bank, and Xanxus, belle, Lucio, and many others who Xanxus and Lucio brought in, brought the bank into existence. After the creation of the bank, Xanxus informed Belle that the Bank did not tolerate Scammers, Pirates, etc. and since their agreement for him to start the bank was fulfilled, he expelled her from the organization. As of now, Lucio is working in CommonGround Bank as a Networks Administrator, and he also monitors some of the Internal Affairs.


Lucio is an intellectual man, putting thought before action. He is tall and likes to wear form-fitting clothing that is still "scientific" by nature. He will always think out a situation before he acts on it. When it comes to appearance, he is a tall man, who always looks as though he is lost in thought. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and his face is set back a little. Sometimes you may find him to look tired, since he is constantly studying people and things.

Lucio is not a heavy drinker by nature. You will occasionally find him sitting in the back of a bar alone, drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage, to help ease his mind. One of his favorite bars is a coffee bar set up by his second cousin, Michael O'Leary, called Miliways. Coffee often helps him relax, and yet stay awake to resume his research.