Lueving Tonato

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Lueving Tonato
Biographical Information
Race Verpine
Homeworld Nickle One
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring Green
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Aratech
Rank Master Chief Foreman
Positions Logistics
Prior Affiliation Trax Sector Vehicles
  • Letter of Commendation (Year 13 Day 81)
  • Aratech Betterment Award (Year 15 Day 2)
  • Aratech Production Branch Badge (Year 16)

I was not born in the same way that the rest of the verpine were. Well at least not like most especially considering I was born with the room filled with other races. As many different races were there as could fit lying down on the floor all just to see the next arrival into the slave trade! Early on I was just another verpine but soon the traders learned that I may be different. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Who would of thought?

Well soon enough they figured out that they could make more selling me to people and then bringing in troops to get me back and kill my new boss. The last time that they tried this the newest boss did his homework and he got a division on men to protect himself from the slavers. You may think well if he did his homework then why would he by me. You must remember until the end the. I AM DIFFERENT AND GREAT. Well after I did my job of fixing everything and upgrading the ships to go way faster. He gave me some credits for my work and then told me I was free.

I have never even heard of that amazingly awesome word FREE. I soon would find out that free was not free at all. But still I found my friends and hung on to them. I also found a job in an organization and made this awesome thing with nothing but it keeps running away Peria I called it. Peria is not anything that has life but will move on its own.

Year 11

A freelance pilot initially serving under Jake Blackstone.

Lueving came on board Trax Sector Vehicles as a member on Day 261. He would later get an officer position due to his more active role than that of Ben or Cimoc. He proved to be a very skilled pilot, as skilled as Ku`Bakai Roche is.

Year 12

Lueving Tonato followed Ku`Bakai Roche and Valek Press into the service of Aratech. He is a steadfast worker. Primarily doing hauling and factory starts for the corporation he like the other two have been central to revitalizing Aratech in the past year. In late Year 12 him and Ku`Bakai are planning a hunting trip, Valek might get to come to we'll see.

Year 13

Lueving continued to serve in Aratech faithfully. In the early part of the year he served as a hauler aboard the Fat Boy II hauling vehicles from Aratech's factories on Xo III to the stations where customers could pick up their purchases. In the mid part of the year he would start to serve as a factory foreman overseeing several factories and a few naval shipyards as the Aratech facilities sought to meet demands of the growing Galactic population.

Year 14

Lueving continued to serve in much the same capacity he had the previous year. He turned over his factory foreman duties to Torth Ladar while turning towards his studies to receive a degree. He though would continue to haul loads and pick up assets even while attending his duties ensuring that Aratech was still operating well.

Year 15

On Day 2 in recognition of his valiant service the last 2 years he was awarded the Aratech Betterment Medal.