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Type Non-Projectile
Manufacturer N/A
Minimum Damage 15
Maximum Damage 25
Maximum Hits 2

The mace is one of the earliest weapons in the galaxy. Some historians state that it dates back earlier than the first interplanetary colonization of space or possibly even earlier than the first expeditions into hyperspace. Maces are effective, non-projectile weapons that can be constructed with relative ease as they do not require many resources or much crafting skill, making them ideal for mass production.


Maces can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which include one handed maces, two handed maces, flanged maces, spiked maces, and many more. Each kind of mace is designed for a specific purpose, such as the heavy and spiked models for attack, long handled models to defend positions and short, light models for citizens. Most newer models can discharge an electric shock on sentients or an electromagnetic pulse for droids. However, the most critical aspect of this weapon is the sheer power in delivering a hammer-like blow, more than accounting for a lack of finesse. When swung with enough strength, it generates more force than a sword and can easily fracture the bones of enemies. Also, some maces integrate the ability to slice, to puncture and to crush an enemy's armor and weapon.


It is widely believed that an ancient weapon like the mace is completely useless in these modern times. This belief is very debatable however, due to the ease of mass production attributed to the mace. The result is that they can be produced en mass in no time during an invasion, quickly arming sentients who are called to fight as a militia, aided by the simplicity of the maces function. However, dedicated training can still enable one to utilize this weapon with far greater efficiency. All these attributes certainly increases the number of combatants in the field of combat, which can define the final result of a battle.