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Kara DuMonte is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Army, and a former Chief of State of the New Republic. She became leader of New Republic on Year 15 Day 4 after winning the regular yearly election against Edmond Zaccone and Orion Chran. The previous Chief of State, Lukastar Narvaka, had previously announced publicly to the citizenry just weeks before the campaigning for the office began that he would not run again for the position at the end of his term.

Prior to becoming leader of the New Republic, Kara was the Director of New Republic Intelligence. She had her start in the New Republic Army, and made it to the rank of Brigadier General prior to becoming Chief of State. She was also a Jedi Councilor in the Jedi Order. Becoming disillusioned with the New Republic, she renounced the Galactic Alliance and joined the Galactic Empire's Army in Year 18, where she currently serves.

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