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The Anzatan Commonwealth, formerly known as the New Anzat Order, was a Mid Rim government. It was comprised of a variety of different races, from all corners of the galaxy. The capital city of the government was Nova Anzatia, located on the Commonwealth's capital desert planet of Anzat. Prior to its merger with the Tresario Star Kingdom in Year 15, the Anzatan Commonwealth was one of the oldest governments in the galaxy. The Anzatan Commonwealth was small government which has faced numerous controversies and revolutions in its long history. Although the Commonwealth is primarily based out of the Anzat system, in Maldrood, from which the Government gets its name, the Commonwealth held a few planets in numerous other sectors as well. Both the Anzati and Siniteen had their home-planets under the control of the Anzatan Commonwealth before the eventual governmental merger. (Full article...)

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This Month in History
  • Day 283, Year 2: Avalon Larkin is reported by galactic tabloids to have been killed, but these rumors are shown to be false
  • Day 283, Year 14: A new military force emerged today. Black Watch is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Nyarlathotep Alaks.
  • Day 288, Year 16: Mercenary Guild was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
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